Speed ​​on toll roads is limited to 120 km/hour, learn from the case of Vanessa Angel

Uzone.id – Every time you drive on toll roads in several areas in Indonesia, the default is horribly delicious, guys. Many challenges must be faced while driving a car on the highway.

You know, some toll roads in Indonesia are still dangerous for speeding. Moreover, bringing the car up to speeds above 100 km / h.

It is dangerous here not only because of the character of the toll road itself or because there are still toll roads with potholes and bumps, but the driver’s factor certainly plays a very important role in driving safety.

Recently, the Korlantas Polri has announced that its ranks will issue a fine to motorists who drive a car with a speed of more than 120 km/hour starting April 1, 2020.

“So if the car is already running at more than 120 kilometers per hour, it willcapture and after being verified, there will be a love letter for the violator to pay the fine,” said the Director of Law Enforcement (Dirgakum) of the Korlantas Polri Brigadier General Pol Aan Suhanan.

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The cars that are subject to fines will be based on images captured by electronic ticket cameras or Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) scattered along toll roads.

Then, what about the cars ladder frame big bodies like Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero who like to be lane hogger on the motorway?

Hopefully, with this regulation, the drivers of big cars can reduce their arrogance on toll roads.

Pity small cars like LCGC, which of course feel intimidated by the reckless actions of drivers who are too confident or overconfidence that the car is strong and tough to be a lane hogger.

Not only that, sometimes the driver likes to show off speedometer when at high speed just for the sake of content. Unfortunately, their actions even sacrificed the passengers, like the tragic event experienced by the artist Vanessa Angel.

Vanessa’s driver named Tubagus Muhammad Jodi claimed to have gas The Mitsubishi Pajero reached a speed of 130 km/hour and hit the toll road barrier at km 672+400A Astra Jombang-Mojokerto Toll Road until Vanessa and her husband, Bibi Ardiansyah died.

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Ironically, Jodi had time to show off on Insta Story by sharing pictures while speeding on the toll road. Despite deleting the image after the accident, many netizens have captured the image.

The Police themselves have deployed 8 units of ETLE cameras in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas. Then, as many as 22 units are spread along the Trans-Java toll road from Jakarta to Kertosono. While 1 unit is outside Java.

Some motorists may not know the amount of the fine for the ETLE ticket which was first launched by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo on March 23, 2021.

Motorists can be fined an e-ticket of a maximum of Rp. 750 thousand or a maximum of 3 months in prison if they play with their cellphones while driving, in accordance with Article 283 of Law Number 22/2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (UU LLAJ).

Then, Article 289 if you don’t wear a seat belt, you can be fined Rp. 250,000 or a maximum imprisonment of 1 month. Using a fake number plate in Article 280 is fined a maximum of Rp. 500 thousand or a maximum imprisonment of 2 months.

Furthermore, Article 287 paragraph 1 if you violate road signs and markings, you can be fined a maximum of Rp. 500 thousand or imprisonment for a maximum of 2 months.

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