Spider Man Miles Morales Review: The First PS5 Game

There are several PS5 premiere games that you can play, one of which is Spider Man Miles Morales. This game is arguably a continuation of the previous game released in 2018. Unlike Spider Man, which was previously released by Insomniac Game on PS4 in 2018, this series focuses on a teenage boy named Miles Morales. Miles Morales is a next-generation Spider-Man who also gains his powers through the bite of a spider exposed to radiation. Story-wise, this game is different from the comic version.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

In the original story, Miles Morales was the Spider Man replacement for Peter Parker when he died. However, in this game, Peter Parker is Miles’ mentor. Even though this game is the first PS5 game, this game is still released for PS4. PS4 players can still be happy playing this game even though there are some cuts, especially in the graphic aspect. Are you curious about this game and how are the storyline and gameplay aspects on display? On this occasion, Game Buddy will discuss Spider Man Miles Morales. Come on, follow this article to the end.

Storyline Spider Man Miles Morales

Basically, Spider Man Miles Morales is a sequel to the previous Spider Man games. Just like Peter Parker, Miles Morales got his super powers from spiders exposed to radiation. Here Miles will protect the city of New York like Peter Parker before. However, what happened to Peter Parker that Miles Morales had to take his place as Spider Man?

Spider-Man Miles Morales

After Miles told Peter about the incident when he was bitten by a spider, Peter was immediately ready to guide him on the right path as a superhero. At the same time, Peter must follow his lover, Mary Jane Watson on an out of town assignment. Here, Peter leaves the task of protecting the city to the new Spider-Man. It didn’t take long for Miles Morales to match or follow Peter Parker as Spider Man. He can use it right on target. Shortly after receiving guidance from Peter, Miles turned out to be facing a group of people from a mysterious organization called the Underground. Here Miles must be able to protect the city from the threat of Tinkerer, the Underground leader who has ambitions to dominate Nuform.

Graphics and Gameplay

Here, Game Buddy will focus more on the PS5 version because the PS5 comes with new technology that is capable of producing beautiful graphics. For those who have played the previous Spider Man series, they will definitely say that this game deserves the title of the best superhero game lately, even being able to match the splendor offered by the Batman Arkham series. In this game you can swing like Spider Man in the film version with flexible movements.

In the PS5 version, you will be offered with several graphic mode options, including Fidelity, Performance, and Performance RT. In fidelity graphics mode, gamers will get beautiful graphics with increasingly realistic lighting and reflections. Then, fidelity mode also showcases a technology that will become the future of graphics technology called real-time ray tracing. With this mode, your eyes will be spoiled by how beautiful the more realistic reflections are.

Then, for those of you who want to play at high fps, the sequel to Spider Man released in 2018 also offers a performance graphics mode. PS5 now supports frame rates up to 60 fps. With 60 fps, of course the movement that is displayed becomes more fluid. Then there is one more mode that still shows smooth performance at 60 fps, but still displays ray tracing technology. Of course the details are not as detailed as the performance mode. But with 60 fps and ray tracing in a gaming console, for us it is enough.

As for the gameplay, this spider man game basically doesn’t change much with Spider Man which was released in 2018. Although in terms of abilities it has similarities with Peter Parker, Miles Morales has several advantages that Peter does not have. Because Miles was bitten by a spider with a new genetic type, Miles is now able to generate bio-electrical power that generates electricity in his body. With this, Miles can defeat many enemies at once more quickly.

What we find a bit unfortunate is that the main story is quite short compared to the previous one. We only need about 8 hours to finish this game. Only side missions are the mainstay of this game.


This latest Spider Man game is arguably the first PS5 game that is quite successful because it is able to show off the latest technology owned by the PS5. However, we think of this game more as an expansion game compared to its sequel due to its relatively short playtime. Even so, Spider Man Miles Morales should not be missed by fans of superhero games. Swing, jump, Spider Man!