Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed Games

What goes through your mind while playing games themed role playing games (RPG) and sports/sports? If you compare, actually, the two have a lot in common. You are required to train your character and provide him with qualified equipment in order to compete.

So, concept sports RPG is not a strange thing in the world games. Apart from sporting challenges, games sports RPG also offers a heartwarming plot. Want to try playing? Here are some sports games The best RPG for you to try.

1. Legend of the River King

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesLegend of the River King (

Promoted as Harvest Moon spin-off, Legend of the River King (Kawa no Nushi Tsuri/川のぬし釣り) has actually existed in Japan since 1990. In 1999, Legend of the River King (Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 3) released globally on the Game Boy Color platform. About 14 years later, games it was released for Nintendo 3DS.

In games this, you are assigned to search for the whereabouts Guardian Fish for the sake of curing your little sister from a mysterious disease. Along the way, you will interact with the characters inside gamesfishing 40 kinds of fish to raise or sell, to face various dangerous creatures.

2. Dodgeball Academy

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesDodgeball Academia (

Release in 2021, Dodgeball Academy tells the adventures of an athlete dodgeball named Otto. As Otto, you will adventure, make friends, and fight against enemies to form a team dodgeball dream.

at a glance, Dodgeball Academy it might look like a mix between Mario Tennis and Mario Golf plus elements from manga/anime shonen. Apart from story mode, Dodgeball Academy can also be played in versus mode with friends, boyfriend and family.

3. Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesMario Tennis: Power Tour (

Mario Tennis: Power Tour released in 2005 for the Game Boy Advance platform as a sequel to Mario Tennis which slid in the previous five years. After seeing the advantages of the mysterious tennis player, you are assigned to participate in various tournaments to become the best tennis player and defeat the mysterious tennis player.

Apart from singles tennis, you can also play doubles tennis. Characters in the universe Mario Bros. will appear in the middle to the end games. Interesting fact, only in games This is Waluigi here without Wario.

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4. Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2: Super Striker

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Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesTsubasa Ozora and Carlos Santana in game (

Exclusive release in Japan in 1990 for Family Computer (Famicom), Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2: Super Striker still telling the adventures of Tsubasa Ozora. After moving to Brazil with Roberto Hongo, Tsubasa joined Sao Paulo and faced Flamengo led by Carlos Santana.

Captain Tsubasa Vol 2: Super Striker is the sequel to Tecmo Cup Soccer (known as Captain Tsubasa in Japan) which was released in 1988. Of course, Super Striker have graphics and soundtrack better and gameplay slick. In fact, Super Striker is games Captain Tsubasa last on Famicom.

5. Inazuma Eleven

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesInazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes anime poster (

Want to play soccer that smells more RPG and shonen? Stop it Captain Tsubasa first and try Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン). First released together with the manga in 2008 on the Nintendo DS, Inazuma Eleven tells the story of Endou Mamoru’s struggle to defend the Raikou team.

Not just playing ordinary ball, di Inazuma Eleven, you can activate your super power to kick and catch the ball to beat your super opponent. It was last released in 2003, Inazuma Eleven rumored to be back in 2023 with Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes.

6. Barkley, Shut Up, and Jam: Gaiden

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesBarkley, Shut Up, and Jam: Gaiden (

Love basketball and the NBA? You can try Barkley, Shut Up, and Jam: Gaiden. Games which was released in 2008 for PC is the sequel to Barkley, Shut Up, and Jam! (1993) and games Space Jam (1996).

JRPG style, games This story tells of the adventures of NBA athlete Charles Barkley who is able to do Chaos dunk super so that it can kill its surroundings and be buried to be destroyed. In games Here, you can meet current NBA veterans and seasoned players, from Michael Jordan to LeBron James.

7. Pyre

Sports with Story, 7 Best Sports RPG Themed GamesPyre (

Pyre is games action sports RPG that was released in 2017. Interestingly, Pyre does not include sports elements that exist in the real world, but includes his own sports, namely Rites where the players have to try to extinguish the opposing team’s fire.

Games it’s been getting lots of praise from critics games because of the plot too gameplay-his. Don’t missgames it can also be played offline multiplayer. Interesting fact, maker PyreSupergiant Games is the creator Hades (2020), games which won various awards in the year of its release. So, no need to doubt the quality!

That’s variety games combination sports and RPGs that you can play in your spare time. From games which we have mentioned, which one have you tried or are you currently trying? Don’t forget to exercise too, OK!

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