Sri Gethuk Gunung Kidul Waterfall, Entrance Ticket and Location

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is one of Jogja’s favorite destinations besides the beach at Gunung Kidul. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding nature by using the raft provided by the manager.

Opening hours:08.00-16.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 10,000/person
Address:Mungguran II, Bleberan, Playen, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta
Public facilities:Toilet, Prayer Room, Stall
Access Road:Good (use private vehicle)
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Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
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Who does not know Gunung Kidul, this area is the tourism heart of Yogyakarta City. The area which is known as Bali 2 is indeed beautiful and has the right place for all people. Not only the young, the old also got a share.

One of them is the Sri Gethuk waterfall. Where, this waterfall is able to break down all fatigue and heavy loads during work. Its unique charm presents a different experience in visiting a waterfall.

Sri Gethuk . Waterfall

When you look at various social media, the shape of this waterfall is indeed very perfect. Where, the water that falls from above will fall directly into the greenish river. Moreover, this river is very clean and clear.

The nuances presented are also different from other waterfalls. More calm and serene because, fellow travelers, you will not hear the roar of grojogan falling from above. Because Sri Gethuk has a winding rock structure.

So, the water from above will flow just like that following the curve of the rocks. The water discharge does not change, it is always like that in the dry season or the rainy season. The uniqueness of this area comes from the road leading to the location point.

There are two ways that can be taken. First walk down the hills or take a boat that has been provided. Tourists can choose their own with prices that will certainly be different.

It is recommended to choose to use a boat. Tomorrow’s views of the cliffs and the clarity of the Oyo River are an attraction that cannot be bargained for anymore. This ship will take tourists and will pick up tourists back to the entrance.

It feels like walking along the Amazon River or like being on the Maron Pacitan River. It’s just that, the short distance is no more than 15 minutes, tourists will arrive at the location of the Sri Gethuk waterfall.

For those who choose the tracking route, tourists must cover a distance of approximately 450 meters. This route is no less fun than taking a boat. Where, tourists have to cross small rivers, as well as exploring nature.

These small rivers are the source of this Sri Gethuk waterfall. Not only rivers, tourists will also be presented with towering trees. The rice fields stretch widely, presenting its own coolness.

Try to come when the harvest season arrives, an elegant green landscape will be presented in front of your eyes. The view of this rice field is usually a stumbling block because the atmosphere is able to distract tourists.

Here too, tourists can swim in the Oyo river which has a depth of approximately 2 to 3 meters. For swimming, the manager has provided various kinds of safety equipment such as buoys and helmets and tires that may be needed.

In this waterfall there is a basin where, the water that falls will wet this basin. At certain moments, the rainbow phenomenon will appear by itself. So, don’t miss it, travel buddy.

Besides enjoying the view of Srigethuk, tourists can also do various interesting activities such as Trackking, clif jumping, river tubing and many more, guaranteed to be fun and forget the time.

Do not forget to enjoy the food menu in this area. Also feel the typical menu of this region, namely thiwul which is very delicious and delicious. There are also rural specialties in the form of urap-urap and Lombok green vegetables tempe.

For tourists who like fishing, don’t miss the fishing area that was built specifically for tourists who like fishing. In this area, tourists can be accompanied by local residents who also have the same hobby.

Interestingly, the fish here are quite large and so friendly. So, in a short time can get cool fish. Don’t miss this area and experience the chilly fun of fishing in the area.

Location of Sri Gethuk . Waterfall

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. To get to this area you can go through Piyungan, Pathuk, to the Ivory T-junction. From here turn right and follow the signs in the area.

After going through the parking area, tourists will go down some stairs and arrive at the entrance. For those who want to use a boat, tourists can immediately wait at the dock.

For those who want to enjoy rural views, you can use the path provided. It should be noted that during the rainy season, the path here is a little slippery and there is a lot of muddy soil.

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Price of admission

The price that must be paid to be able to enjoy this area is only 10 thousand rupiah. Can use the traditional boat round trip. Well, for those who want to go by land. You can also rent a life jacket or at a price of 5 thousand rupiah.

Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
Image (c) @gitamelinda8
Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
Image (c) @iis_sarbini
Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
Image (c)
Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
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Sri Gethuk . Waterfall
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Sri Gethuk Waterfall is an area that does have a Gunung Kidul tomorrow. Comes with a different panorama from other areas. Dolan yok, go to this place and feel the different nuances of this leading tourist attraction of Gunung Kidul.