Stepfather Rape His Daughter to Give Birth in South Kalimantan

Jakarta, IDN Times – Cases of sexual violence occurred in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. The victim is a girl with the initials K (17), who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather, N (51). When she was 15, victim K became pregnant and gave birth. The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA) responded to this case.

“KemenPPPA regrets the incident that occurred in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, because once again one of our children has become a victim of sexual violence perpetrated by those closest to him,” said Assistant Deputy for Child Services who Need Special Protection, KemenPPPA, Robert Parlindungan Sitinjak, Friday (11/11). /3/2022).

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1. Victims are intimidated and threatened if they complain

Stepfather Rape His Daughter to Give Birth in South KalimantanAssistant Deputy for Child Services who Need Special Protection, KemenPPPA, Robert Parlindungan Sitinjak (doc. KemenPPPA)

Robert said the threat of violence by N to intimidate the victim was a recurring pattern. In this case, the victim’s child was often threatened with beating and torture by his stepfather before being molested. If she complains to other people, especially her mother, the victim will be raped.

“The Ministry of PPPA through the PPPA Office of South Kalimantan Province has accompanied the legal process, and in the near future will carry out outreach at once” screening, and provide psychological services to children. KemenPPPA also ensures that currently the victim’s child is accompanied by his family, the Head of the Polsek Unit, and social workers,” he said.

2. KemenPPPA asks the perpetrators to be given the appropriate punishment

Stepfather Rape His Daughter to Give Birth in South KalimantanIllustration of the arrest (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

KemenPPPA calls for the legal process that has just been carried out to prioritize the best interests of the victim and the perspective of the victim, and the perpetrators need to be given appropriate legal rewards.

“The Ministry of PPPA encourages law enforcement officers (APH) to apply penalties in accordance with applicable laws. It is suspected that the suspect can be charged with multiple articles,” said Robert.

Perpetrators can be threatened with imprisonment for a minimum of five years and a maximum of 15 years with a fine of a maximum of IDR 5 billion, as well as additional punishment for announcing the identity of the perpetrator, after the convict has finished serving his main sentence.

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3. The victim must receive compensation paid by the perpetrator

Stepfather Rape His Daughter to Give Birth in South KalimantanIllustration of violence (IDN Times/Sukma Shakti)

KemenPPPA also reminded that victims should be given restitution for compensation to be paid by the perpetrators, based on a letter of application to the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK).

The perpetrator was also sentenced to an additional one-third of the criminal penalty, because he had a family relationship with the victim.

“The trend is that people are starting to be brave and believe in submitting complaints to the complaint service, it requires the commitment of law enforcement officers (APH) to provide justice to victims, in accordance with applicable regulations and apply the maximum penalty,” said Robert.

“APH requires special technical competence to avoid victimization from the process of investigation, investigation, proof and trial, demanding APH’s role in encouraging the realization of justice,” he continued.

4. The role of citizens is needed to report in order to protect children

Stepfather Rape His Daughter to Give Birth in South KalimantanIllustration of the arrest of the perpetrator of the rape. The Women and Child Protection Unit (UPPA) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Tanggamus Police arrested the perpetrator of the rape. (Doc. Tanggamus Police).

The disclosure of cases of sexual violence against children by people closest to them recently, said Robert, on the one hand can cause panic in the community, but on the other hand it also gives encouragement to the public to be able to report cases of violence they encounter.

The results of the coordination obtained by the KemenPPPA through the Kotabaru PPPA Service, the case was revealed because of a resident’s report to the head of the local RT and continued to the Hampang Police, Kotabaru.

“Learning from the case of Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, the role of the community is also important, because the victim’s child will not be saved if there is no sensitivity from local residents regarding the victim’s condition, and the courage of local residents to report the condition,” said Robert.

Robert also emphasized that the public must believe that the government, both central and local and all parties, will provide the best protection according to their respective duties and functions, especially in providing special protection for children.

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