Still Rarely Understood, Know the Difference Between Breakout and Purging on the Face – Of course, some of you must have experienced a number of facial skin problems, such as breakouts.

The heart’s intention was to overcome the breakage with beauty products, but what happened to the skin was so messy.

Apparently, not matching the use of the product can cause a breakout. Or it could be that you are experiencing purging or the process of cleaning the skin.

In order not to be mistaken, let’s see and understand the difference between breakout and purging from Yukepo—Voice following below.

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1. The difference between breakout and purging

Although the effects sometimes look similar, but actually purging and breakout are very different. Purging is a form of skin cleansing process from accumulated dirt. But usually after cleansing there will be a repair process by forming new, healthier skin cells.

Meanwhile, breakout is a skin condition that worsens because it is not suitable for certain products. If it’s like this, your skin will only get better if you stop using the product.

2. There is an active substance in the product that triggers breakouts

Usually you will experience purging if you use skincare that contains active ingredients such as AHA, BHA, retinoids, and vitamin C. These substances usually function to cleanse the skin. So that sometimes unsuitable effects appear such as breakouts and acne.

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If your skin has a breakout, it’s usually caused by certain ingredients that clog pores. This can also happen if you do have a special allergy to these substances.

3. The difference between acne that appears on the face

When you experience purging, pimples occur where the pimple usually appears. But the portions are bigger and a bit severe. Because it’s function is to cleanse the skin.

But if you experience a breakout, the pimple will appear in a place where a pimple doesn’t usually appear.

4. Time period for acne and breakouts

Purging won’t last forever. Usually only 2-6 weeks. This depends on how the skin reacts to the active substance.

Meanwhile, the new breakout will stop when you don’t use the product anymore. So when you know that you have a breakout, you should immediately stop using it so it doesn’t get worse. Because if you use it continuously for more than 3 months, then the effect will get worse.

5. What to do when aware of a purging or breakout

If you are sure that this is purging, keep using the product until the process is complete. Guaranteed your facial skin will be healthier and smoother. Because dirt is lifted and new skin cells are formed.

Conversely, when you realize this is a breakout, stop right away before it gets worse.

Now you know the difference between purging and breakout, right? If you already know the basic meaning, you can know how to deal with this situation. So the skin can be better.