Stop the Habit of Using Hair Gel and Hairspray, Here’s the Impact! – Some men may enjoy using hair gel to help style their hair. This method is indeed the most practical for making hairdos.

However, the use of this hair gel can actually cause damage to the hair. Although, the product claims are not so.

An expert has warned the use of hair gel can make hair bald. Kevin Moore, trichologist at highlights some of the side effects of prolonged use of hair gel.

Kevin explains that hair dehydration occurs when you use hair gel. This occurs due to decreased sebum production and moisture levels.

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“This is what causes hair loss, mainly due to the reaction of external pollutants on the scalp,” Kevin said The Sun.

Kevin says that hair gel can also cause dandruff, which forms when the scalp is malnourished and infected.

Hair gel (unsplash)
Hair gel (unsplash)

These products can also cause discoloration and hair damage due to split ends and hair thinning.

Kevin adds that the main chemical in hair gel is diethyl phthalate and excessive use can cause problems.

This chemical is what gives hair its unique, non-sticky consistency. In fact, modern hair gels are looking for cationic polymers for gel viscosity to make hair look neat.

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Although now there are fewer who use hair gel to style their hair. Kevin said the use of hair spay as a substitute is also not the best choice.

Kevin explained that the use of hairspray can also be harmful to health because it contains chemicals. The formulations often contain the active polymer and solvent along with some propellant.

This chemical is also a carcinogen associated with a form of liver disease in humans known as angiosarcoma.

Although this chemical has not been included in the formula for making hairspray, there are still other ingredients that contribute to health degeneration such as propane, polyvinylpyrrolidone or PVP.

Kevin said people who use hairspray excessively may suffer from difficulty breathing, rashes, itching, redness of the eyes and allergic sneezing.