Strict Kick So that Black Cars Can Keep Shining – Cars with black color do give the impression of luxury, dashing, and charismatic. However, your cool black car will not look attractive if it is not cared for properly.

There are several things that must be considered so that your black car remains shiny, it is guaranteed that everything is very easy to do as long as you guys no mager mager club, here.

First, pay attention to the wiping technique. Do it in a one-way motion to avoid fine scratches and swirl (Spider web).

Second, wash the car in the morning or evening. If you are busy and are out in the afternoon, the sign should be nawaitu to wake up in the morning.

After washing, wipe the car with a special cloth made from microfiber until completely dry.

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This is good for preventing fungus. This fungus usually appears because the water on the surface of the car paint evaporates in the sun.

Third, wipe the dust with a duster. Just wipe it off and don’t press too much because the pressure has the potential to cause scratches.

Fourth, avoid detergent-based soap. The chemical nature of detergents for a long time can make the paint layer dull faster. It is recommended to use water-based shampoos and soaps.

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Fifth, do the process detailing and paint protection. The varnish on a black car is very thin, so it gets dull faster.

These two things need to be done to keep the varnish layer thick and able to remove scratches and swirl. Do the process detailing at least once a year.

Sixth, make sure the car is clean before being given a car cover. Make sure the condition of the car is completely clean of dust. Choose a car cover that is made of soft material so as not to scratch the car paint layer.

Greetings shiny!

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