Stronger and Longer Nails, Apply These 5 Steps Every Day – Nails that are brittle and break easily can be uncomfortable and spoil your appearance. Therefore, there are several nail treatments that are already available at the salon to make nails stronger.

However, there are actually several things you can do to make and keep your nails strong without spending a lot of money.

The following is quoted from Bright SideThere are several ways to keep nails strong and longer.

1. Don’t wear nail polish all the time

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Using nail polish too often and for a long time is also not good for nails. Dermatologists say long-term use of nail polish can allow the chemicals in the paint to seep into the nail, causing discoloration, cracking, and peeling.

nail polish.  (Unsplash)
nail polish. (Unsplash)

2. Don’t use nail clippers

Our nails can be damaged and broken if not cut often. However, don’t use nail clippers too often.

Using nail clippers can cause your nails to crack and break. You can cut it with a nail file.

Don’t forget to wear gloves when washing dishes

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Not wearing gloves when washing dishes can damage your nails. That’s because detergents for washing dishes contain harmful chemicals.

In addition, prolonged exposure to water can also make nails more brittle. Therefore, always wear gloves when washing dishes.

4. Eat more rice

Food affects not only our health, but also the appearance of our nails. One of the important vitamins for the growth and strength of nails is the B vitamins present in rice. So, eating more rice can help strengthen nails.

5. Soak nails in fresh orange juice

Foods rich in vitamin C are essential for overall health, including nail and hair growth.

However, this vitamin can also be applied externally to help nail growth faster. Try soaking your nails in freshly squeezed orange juice for 10 minutes every day.