Sudanese military leader dismisses threat of sanctions from the West

Sudan’s military leader, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, on Saturday (12/2) dismissed threats of sanctions by the West.

Burhan led a military coup on October 25 that ended the military-civilian partnership. The partnership was originally aimed at holding democratic elections. The coup sparked months of protests and condemnation from the West.

US officials say they are exploring options for responding to the killing of at least 79 demonstrators, as well as responding to efforts to hinder civilian rule.

In his first television interview since the coup, Burhan said the US received inaccurate information.

“Sanctions and threats from them are useless,” he said.

Burhan said he claimed responsibility personally for investigating the deaths of several demonstrators. However, he added that there were suspicions about the involvement of “outside groups,” without providing details.

Sudan’s armed forces are committed to handing over power to an elected government or to an arrangement decided by “national consensus,” he said. He reiterated his commitment to holding elections by mid-2023. [vm/ft]