Suikoden 2 (Genso Suikoden II) Legendary JRPG from Konami

For JRPG lovers, you must be familiar with Suikoden 2, which was previously released on PSX and PC. Despite being in the shadow of Final Fantasy VIII which came out in the same year, Suikoden II can still steal the attention of gamers. This JRPG game was released by one of the leading publishers and developers from Japan named Konami.

Suikoden 2

Konami’s name is increasingly sticking out because of several games such as Winning Eleven, Metal Gear Solid, and Suikoden. Suikoden II or Genso Suikoden II (the Japanese version) was released on December 17, 1998 for the Japanese version, and August 31, 1999 for the American version. Indeed Konami always take a long time to release the English version.

The most memorable thing about the Suikoden series is the collection of playable characters, which totals 108. In this article, the editor of Sobatgame will discuss one of the legendary JRPG games made by Konami, curious? Follow it to the end.

The Story of Two Friends Who Are Separated Due to Different Principles

This time, the main character doesn’t have a fixed name. You have to give the name (calculated, he has a real name named Riou). Beginning of the story the main protagonist and his childhood friend Jowy Astreides work together as members of the youth division of the Highland army. Then they find the army camp burned, and Captain Rowd tells them to save themselves because the army camp is being attacked by City-State who is said to have reneged on his agreement.

Suikoden 2

However, Jowy warns the main character because their path is wrong, and all of this makes no sense. Finally they returned to the camp, and suddenly heard that the attack was a plan carried out by Luca Blight the prince of Highwind and Captain Rowd himself. Eventually they were caught red-handed for secretly overhearing Luca and Captain Rowd’s conversation about all this falsehood.

The main character and Jowy finally escape. The two of them are separated, and the character is found by the river by mercenaries named Flik and Victor. After helping Flik and Victor, the main character is finally reunited with his older sister, Nanami. Nanami and the main character, are spied on by Highland and want to be executed. Viktor and Flik help them and they are safe.

Suikoden 2

Unfortunately only the two of them survived, and Jowy was caught. However, Jowy promised Riou and Nanami to meet again in Muse city. All the leaders of the city-state: Muse, Tinto, Two River, South Window, Greenhill, and Matilda Knightdom gathered. Everyone visits the conference and Annabelle announces that the Highland army is about to attack. After successfully protecting the city, Nanami and Riou find Annabelle killed by Jowy.

Suikoden 2 actually has a very good story and full of intrigue. Many things are unpredictable, such as Riou and Jowy having to separate because of different principles and points of view. Jowy finally returned to the army of the Highland side and became a King there. Riou and Jowy who used to be friends finally became a pair of enemies.

Hundreds More Characters

That’s the story line of the game Suikoden 2. For gameplay, Suikoden divides its battles into three types of battles, including war battles (such as turn-based strategy games), duel battles (one-on-one battles), and ordinary battles. This is the main attraction and characteristic of Suikoden in addition to presenting many characters. The battle system is like other JRPG games in that you will take turns attacking with your enemies. In one battle you can use 6 characters simultaneously.

Suikoden 2

Each character has its own special attack, such as Jowy with Riou who can do a collaboration attack with Buddy ATK, or Riou with Nanami with Family ATK. In addition, the most identical thing from Suikoden is the Rune feature. This rune is a source of magic that can be used to attack opponents with more powerful damage.

Conclusion Suikoden 2: JRPG Worth Trying

This game can’t be forgotten until now, especially for those of you who have lived in the late 90s and early 2000s. I remember playing this game for the first time, and knowing this game after Final Fantasy VIII. I concluded quickly, how come this game is very similar to Final Fantasy but the graphics are worse. However, after playing for a long time, how come this game is addictive and fun. Now, this game can be your choice for those of you who are confused about looking for JRPG games.