Suikoden 3 (Genso Suikoden III) Successor with 3D Graphics

Knowing Suikoden II was a success, Konami finally continued Suikoden 3 on PS2. This game also comes with 3D graphics. Things that have never been owned by a Suikoden game before. Apart from the much improved graphics, this game has a different start when compared to the previous one.

Suikoden 3

At the beginning of the game, you will choose 3 main characters, including: Hugo, Chris, and Geddo, each of which has a different point of view. The third series was released on July 11, 2002 for the Japanese version, and October 24 for the American version.

Two years after getting good interest among gamers, Tokyopop released the manga Suikoden 3 made by Aku Shimizu with 11 volumes in 2004. Previously, we discussed Suikoden 2, in this article, we will discuss the ins and outs, the storyline , gameplay, and several other aspects that exist in Suikoden 3. If you’re curious, follow it until the end.

3 Main Protagonists with Different Backgrounds

There are different things that are presented by Suikoden 3, which starts with 3 stories with different perspectives from each character. You will choose between Hugo (who is the son of Lucia, the leader of the Karaya Clan), Chris (Captain of the Zexen Knights), and also Geddoe (a leader of the mercenary group under Harmonia). Actually, each character has a story that is mutually sustainable.

Suikoden 3

If you choose Hugo as the first character you play, you will find Hugo, a son of the leader of the Karaya Clan, Lucia who is sent to visit the city of Zexen to offer a truce for his Clan who is at odds with Zexen. However, the visit ended badly because when Hugo returned to Karaya, he saw his village being burned by fire. While in the midst of the flames, he saw someone namely Chris Lightfellow slashing Lulu. He promises to avenge his village and his childhood friend by traveling to the Grassland area and looking for the Flame Champion.

Suikoden 3

Then for Chris’ story, you will find out that Chris is a respected hero and is the captain of the Zexen Knights. She also earned the nickname as the Silver Maiden because she took care of the country and its people. However, despite all the cheers he got, Chris was frustrated that the Zexen Council didn’t approve of his method and exacerbated the conflict between Zexen and the clans in the Grassland area. Chris ordered the Zexen army to fight the clans in Grassland, Karaya llan as well as the Lizzard clan.

After you played chapter 1 of Chris and Hugo’s story, now it’s Geddoe’s turn. Among the three characters mentioned above, Geddoe is arguably the strongest. While the two previous characters were on the side of a confrontation with each other, Geddoe is actually a neutral party and has his own agenda. Geddoe was the holder of the True Lightning Rune and the one who had been with the Flame Champion from 50 years ago.

In the third chapter, the three finally met at the Flame Champion’s hideout. However, the Flame Champion had already died. Finally, the wife of the Flame Champion, Sana, passed the throne of the Flame Champion to one of these three characters, depending on the players. However, in the manga version, it was Hugo who became the Flame Champion.

Added New Mechanism

That’s the outline of the story of the game Suikoden 3 and like the previous series, Suikoden can always present an interesting story. In addition to a slick story with all the intrigue, Suikoden 3’s gameplay is also one of the best, even though it’s like a generic JRPG. You also have the potential to collect 108 characters at once. The mechanics of the battle system are also different from the first and second Suikoden. You will see the characters are more dynamic. Instead of docking back into the lineup, the characters will stay on the enemy’s side.

Suikoden 3 Conclusion: Still Exciting Successor

As with the previous series, this game comes with 3 battle modes including turn-based strategy mode, duel mode, and regular battle mode. Perhaps this is the hallmark of Suikoden. In addition, this series is the first Suikoden series made with 3D graphics. If you are a JRPG fan, you should not miss this game.