Super Mario 3D World Review, Become the Best Flatformer Game!

Super Mario 3D World is a platformer game that has been on the rise again since 2013. The platformer game itself does look simple. However, the existence of this game supports the existence of the entire game ecosystem around the world since it first appeared. In this game you are only asked to jump from one platform to another. Even so, there is absolutely no reason to underestimate this one old genre.

Super Mario Game 3D World Nintendo Wii U SOBATGAME

This 3D Mario game is a game found in Nintendo Wii U. Super Mario 3D World which finally contains the adventures of Mario in high definition and real framerate. But that’s not the only charm of this game. Through this game Nintendo wants to prove that they are the “king” of platformer games.

Super Mario 3D World Story Plot

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Mario 3D World Nintendo Wii U SOBATGAME

As a game Mario et al, of course you here will not be separated from the role of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach. The initial plot of the story is that these four friends are enjoying their beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. But on that beautiful day, they were surprised by the appearance of a mysterious pipe along with the appearance of a green fairy named Sprixie. Unfortunately, he was immediately ambushed by the main nemesis, Bowser. By escaping through the same mysterious pipe, these four friends try to save the fairy and stop Bowser’s actions. Mario, Toad, Luigi, and Peach are stranded in the Sprixie Kingdom, a world they have never been to before. Efforts to return to destroy Bowser’s ambitions began.

Attractive Gameplay Design

“Colored”, that’s the impression displayed by the Nintendo Wii U of this Super Mario 3D World. This game offers a world design that spoils the eye through color play, a light gameplay that is much easier to enjoy, and a brighter atmosphere. Although Nintendo games are often portrayed as “kids” games, it turns out that Super Mario 3D World offers a unique sensation when played by adults.

Super Mario 3D World Design and Appearance Nintendo Wii U SOBATGAME

In this new Mario game, Nintendo seems to prove that it’s not just Mario character games with new casings. But the design, features to the storyline presented are quite interesting and make you feel at home sitting on the sofa. Oh yes, you are free to choose what character you want to play among the 4 existing characters.

Each chapter in this game will offer an open world that you can explore the world in Super Mario 3D World. You can collect green stars as extra quests, just to make sure you can unlock certain world levels that really need to be unlocked with a specific number of stars.

Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Nintendo Wii U SOBATGAME

The essence of this game is still the same as a platform game, namely moving from one point to another. In addition to moving, you also have to avoid obstacles and threats in the game. Like the old Mario games, you can collect various power-ups which we will discuss later, coins for 1UP, and of course the green star which is a side quest of its own.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Mario 3D World

Plot Story Super Mario 3D World Nintendo Wii U SOBATGAME


  • Easy to play, no big challenges
  • Suitable for lovers of platformer games
  • Have fresh and fun characteristics, at the same time challenging


  • Not suitable for gamers who like extreme blood and body pieces
  • Gamers who expect a complicated and complex story
  • There is still the impression of games for “little children”

[KESIMPULAN] Download Super Mario 3D World?

As a platformer game, Super Mario 3D World this time brings a fresh taste and is fun to play. Nintendo doesn’t just provide better visuals with smoother framerates, or gaming in high definition compared to its predecessor Mario games. In this new Mario game many combinations of elements and amazing features make for a fun and challenging experience at the same time.

Various integrations combined with unique gameplay make Super Mario 3D World not at all monotonous. There’s always something interesting with its own secret elements and challenges from each level. Even more epic, the beautiful and precise music makes Super Mario 3D World the last “king” of other platformer games.

If you fall in love with this game, WONDERFUL! Because from the challenges he offered, it turned out that it was not just a “kids” game. With elements that work super well, this game is as exciting as it is fun, refreshing, and keeps you alive!