Swagbucks Xyz Apk, Money Making App Paying Or Scam?

BantenDay.co.id – Various money-making applications often appear and are claimed to be able to make money easily. Because, most of the money-making applications themselves do provide very easy missions or tasks. In addition, the amount of money earned is very large, so it’s no wonder why so many netizens still often use money-making applications.

However, it should be noted that not all money-making applications are proven to be safe and can pay their users or not. Seeing today a lot of foreign applications and trying to attract the attention of users. Especially if the application requires you to be able to spend money first or commonly known as a deposit system.

So that its security is in doubt, therefore you should not just believe it. Currently there is an application called Swagbucks APK. There are so many netizens who are looking for this application. The reason is, Swagbucks is believed to be able to make money by filling out surveys only. So is the Swagbucks application safe and proven to pay? Come on, see what happens below.

Swagbucks Apk is

Swagbucks Apk is a giveaway site and app on mobile. So, users can find benefits through this application by joining first. After that, you can get points from them, as well as perform various tasks that have been provided by the application. The step is very easy and simple. And your task is to collect as many points as possible so that they can be converted into rupiah.

And you can replace the swagbucks points with gift cards and cash. So, users must be able to carry out various online activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Please note, if the Swagbucks APK has been released since 2005, this money making app is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. In addition, Prodege has various other brands such as MyPoints and ShopAtHome.

Even though it has been released for a long time, not many people know about this application. However, recently the name Swagbucks APK has gone viral and many netizens are interested in trying it directly. And what’s even more interesting is that all the tasks given by this money making APK are very easy and can be completed quickly. Want to know more details? Please see the explanation below.

Download the Swagbucks Apk App

To be able to find income in this application, you must first download the application. The reason is, the Swagbucks application is already available on the Google Playstore or App store, so you can install it easily and quickly. The size of the Swagbucks Apk on the iOS platform is very large, exceeding 100 MB. So, please check the storage space on your device is sufficient or not. Please see the details below.

NameSwagbucks Apk
DeveloperProdege LLC
Operating systemAndroid 5.0
iOS 12.0
SizeAndroid 30 MB
iOS 122 MB
Download LinkClick here

How to Register Swagbucks Money Making

There are so many users who are looking for how to register in this money-making application. And 1 point of swagbucks APK is equivalent to 1 cent. And you have to get 300 SB so that you can turn it into cash. So, please see the full explanation on how to register the Swagbucks APK that makes money.

  1. The first step, please open a browser or go to https://www.swagbucks.com
  2. After that, enter your email and password
  3. If so, click Sign Up
  4. After that go to the swagbucks page on your cellphone
  5. Click Back to Homepage if you are stuck at that stage
  6. Then verify the email, how to enter the inbox section of the email application
  7. Finished

How to Make Money in Swagbucks Money Making Apk

The money-making Swagbucks Apk provides 4 different tasks for you to complete. Such as playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys, and inviting friends. And the main task is to fill out surveys, so you can complete other tasks later. By filling out the survey, the users can get a very large number of SBs from other tasks.

So, you can also see various kinds of the latest offers in this application. And through this application you can buy gift cards freely. After that, you can exchange them for attractive prizes at a later time. You need to know that the earning potential in this application is always changing. So, you should check regularly to see if there are new opportunities that can be worked on to earn more income.

Swagbucks Apk also provides a set of rules and regulations for each task you do. So that users have to be more active to find out a variety of information before deciding to do the tasks that have been provided. You must be able to collect a minimum of 1000 SB and can be exchanged for a PayPal balance or converted into US dollars. And later you can get 10 US dollars paypal balance. Very interesting isn’t it.

How to Withdraw on Swagbucks Apk

The process of withdrawing money in the Swagbucks application is very easy and you can complete it quickly. If you manage to collect 1000 SB then you can do the exchange. Please see the explanation below.

  1. The first step, please enter the Swagbucks application on your cellphone
  2. Click the Rewards menu
  3. After that, determine the type of reward that you want to exchange points for
  4. Then click Rewards
  5. Next, click Claim prize
  6. You can follow some of the guidelines provided by the application regarding the payment process
  7. Finished

Swagbucks Is Safe

As we have explained, the security of a money-making application is very important and you must pay attention to it. So what about the swagbucks application? The reason is, this application is very safe for you to use, but some users still complain about the payment with some completed missions not worth it.

And of course, the money-making Swagbucks APK is proven to pay off its users, even if the amount is very small. Because, most of the applications that are safe and proven to pay will indeed pay their users a very small amount. In addition, this APK does not provide a deposit system or ponzi scheme, so this application is still safe to use for you to try.

Swagbucks APK is also available on Google playstore or App store, which is the official and safe download platform. So this application is very safe for you to access. For those of you who want to earn additional income, there is nothing wrong if you try to use this money-making application.


That’s all a brief explanation about the money-making Swagbucks APK that you can use, although the numbers are very small, but you can try to make a profit from this application. Please download and follow some of the methods that we have shared above. Hopefully useful for all, thank you so much.