Sweet Beginning for Fajar/Rian, Wins Rubber

Jakarta, IDN Times – Indonesian men’s doubles, Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto, kicked off the inaugural match of the German Open 2022 on Wednesday (9/3/2022).

Fajar/Rian won the match against representatives of Denmark, Jeppe Bay/Lasse Molhede, in the rubber game with a score of 21-14, 9-21, 21-14. This result brought Fajar/Rian to the second round.

Next, Fajar/Rian will face China’s representative, He Ji Ting/Zhou Hao Dong.

1. Fajar/Rian secure first game win

German Open 2022: Sweet Beginning for Fajar/Rian, Wins Rubber GameIDN Times/PBSI

In the first game, Fajar/Rian fell behind 4-9 before equalizing 10-10. Fajar / Rian then secured the interval with a narrow advantage of 11-10.

After the interval, Fajar/Rian took control of the match. Not the slightest representative of Denmark was given permission to overtake the position.

Fajar/Rian locked the first game win with a score of 21-14.

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2. The Danish pair stole the points in the second game

German Open 2022: Sweet Beginning for Fajar/Rian, Wins Rubber GameFajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto in action to strengthen the Indonesian men’s team team in the 2019 SEA Games (IDN Times/PBSI)

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Fajar/Rian got tough resistance in the second game. Bay / Molhede secured the second game interval with a score of 11-6. After the interval, Fajar / Rian looked difficult to catch up.

There’s not much that Fajar/Rian can do. Indonesia’s men’s doubles are left behind by 9-19. Fajar/Rian’s defense is not strong enough to withstand Bay/Molhede’s attacks.

Fajar/Rian’s shot went wide off the field. Representatives of Denmark stole points in the second game and left Fajar/Rian 9-21 behind.

3. The key to victory in the third game

German Open 2022: Sweet Beginning for Fajar/Rian, Wins Rubber GameIDN Times/PBSI

The deciding game is played. Since the start of the third game, Fajar/Rian dominated the game. Different from the second game, Fajar/Rian did not relax the tempo of the game and seemed more careful.

Ben/Molhede’s shot went wide of the field. Fajar/Rian lock the decisive game interval by winning 11-6.

Fajar/Rian appeared to attack in the third game. This method has proven to be effective in getting Fajar/Rian to secure match points of 20-12.

Having missed two points, Fajar’s return failed to be answered by Bay/Molhede. Fajar/Rian were the key to victory with a score of 21-14 in the third game.

Fajar/Rian make sure to advance to the second round of the BWF Super 300 German Open 2022.

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