Syria Reports Israeli Attack Near Damascus, 3 Soldiers Killed

Israel fired several missiles at Syrian military positions near the capital Damascus, Thursday morning (24/2). The attack killed three soldiers and caused material damage, Syrian state television said.

The television station quoted an unnamed Syrian military official as saying that most of the Israeli missiles were shot down by Syrian air defenses. He added that several military positions near Damascus were attacked, leaving three soldiers dead.

The attack came a day after Syria said that several missiles from northern Israel struck the area around the southern city of Quneitra, causing only material damage.

Israel did not comment on the attack. The country has carried out hundreds of attacks on several government-controlled areas over the past 10 years of Syria’s civil war, but has rarely acknowledged or discussed such operations.

Israel has admitted, however, that it has targeted bases of Iranian-allied militias, such as Hezbollah, which supports Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces. [ab/uh]