Tangmo Nida Instagram, Here is the Complete Chronology and Bio Data!

Tangmo Nida Instagram – The world of foreign artists was again shocked by a case that was quite astonishing and even made fans shocked because of this incident because the incident in question was a Thai artist whose face was so beautiful, namely Tangmo Nida, who died from drowning in the largest river in Thailand, the Chao Phraya river.

This incident suddenly made all fans of Tangmo Nida shocked and saddened by the sudden death from an accident that resulted in him having to die by drowning in the Chao Phraya river in Thailand. This artist is indeed known for his beautiful face and soft voice so that many fans, including men, are crazy about him.

Bio Data Tangmo Nida Artist Who Became a Victim of the Chao Phraya River

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The country of Thailand is currently excited about the death of a very beautiful female artist and the pride of the State of Thailand, namely Tangmo Nida, the article is that Tangmo Nida’s death is considered an unnatural death, the death was caused by an accident where this beautiful woman fell from her speed boat so that he could not escape from the depths of the chao Phraya river and he finally succeeded by drowning.

There are even sources who say that the 38-year-old Thai female artist died not because of an accident but this artist was killed in a very neat scenario. Apart from the theory created in this article, we will explain about the Instagram of the artist Tangmo Nida and how her career journey until she became the proud female artist of Thailand

Reporting from several sources, the artist who has the name Nida Patcharaveerapong is a person who really likes the world of celebrities since she was in grade 1 high school, arti here has also successfully starred in several well-known films in Thailand and always gets the best female artist award because of her role always live the character that he got. The woman who was born on September 18, 1984 in the city of Bangkok, Thailand has been known by her family to have a hidden talent, namely in acting. For our own Instagram account, we can look at @melonp.official.

Tangmo Nida’s Death Chronology

Many netizens are curious about the chronology of the death of this Thai artist and even a lot of theories that lead to the murder case, on February 24 this Thai artist fell on the speed boat he was riding on this suddenly made him drown in the biggest river in Thailand, namely Chao Phraya river.

Suddenly this made the family of this Thai artist panic. And hoping to find Tangmo Nida soon in good condition, the Chao Phraya river is indeed famous for its depth of service so deep that calmers are expected to be careful in the river, especially this river. has such a strong bottom current that when it sinks it doesn’t sink directly into the bottom but is carried to the bottom of the river due to such a strong current.

Then on February 26, Tangmo Nida’s body was finally found floating and was due to the ingress of so much water, indeed in that incident many people wanted to help but the strong current of the river made the help end in vain and finally Tangmo Nida drowned in the river Chao Phraya. The discovery of this woman’s body was so far away, 1 km from where she fell from the speed boat.

It all started. On Thursday, February 24, Tangmo Nida and his five friends traveled on the Chao Phraya river route by speed boat from Krung Thon Bridge in Bangkok to Rama VII Bridge in Nonthaburi. Several witnesses also said that Tangmo Nida was sitting in the back of the speed boat and then he slipped without using a life jacket at 22:40 pm local time.

This suddenly made the friends of this artist shocked and tried to save Tangmo Nida but unfortunately the dark night made this Thai artist fail to be saved.

The rescue team has been trying very hard to find this woman’s body but only two days this woman’s body has floated 1 km from where she drowned.

The Thai police are currently investigating a case that is so very complicated that we have to wait for the results of the accident that happened to this Thai artist, a total of 29 witnesses have been collected so this can be a bright spot for the exact cause of death of Tangmo Nida.

The final word

Such is the information that unemployed candidates can provide about Tangmo Nida Instagram. We hope that the information we have provided can help you in knowing what is going on.