Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Twitter, Here are the Photos Scattered on the Internet!

It’s been a week since the news of Tangmo Nida’s death shocked the Thai media and even fans still can’t believe this incident. Many theories argue that Tangmo Nida died not because of an accident but because he was killed intentionally or unintentionally. There were also photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Twitter which were quite concerning because of the many bruises and unnatural wounds on her legs.

This made netizens and their families feel awkward and thought that Tangmo’s death was a premeditated murder by someone. The police continue to give strong warnings to their citizens not to share photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse on Twitter or Telegram.

Tangmo Nida died on February 26, 2022 and a search had been carried out two days earlier since the news of Tangmo Nida’s disappearance on February 24, 2022 on the Chao Phraya river. Surprisingly, the family did not know about this incident and got this news through television and media. Many chronologies are spread on the internet where Tangmo Nida fell from a speed boat at 10 o’clock at night because he wanted to pee.

To find out more details about the chronology of Tangmo Nida’s body when it was found, here we will provide information and facts that we have collected from various sources. To answer your curiosity, let’s see the following article and we hope that you read it to the end so that the information is not half-assed.

Chronology of the Death of Tangmo Nida Who Was Suspected Killed

Tangmo Nida's corpse Twitter

The chronology of the death of this beautiful Thai artist is widely spread and there are theories that are predicted by many people. It is said that Tangmo Nida fell into the Chao Phraya river and breathed his last due to drowning from the speed boat he was traveling with with his friends. After the photo of Tangmo Nida’s Twitter body was revealed, many netizens suspected that his death was a murder with the alibi of an accident.

Because Tangmo Nida’s body showed a swollen face and open wounds around his legs. Therefore, netizens and their families thought that the death was a premeditated murder by Tangmo Nida’s friends. Due to the many speculations expressed by netizens and various parties, the police strongly warned anyone not to spread photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse.

The development of this case is still being investigated by the Thai police whether it was purely an accident or there was a motive for murder. Even so, there are still many netizens who spread photos of Tangmo’s corpse because they still feel that there is something odd about this incident. Moreover, the search keyword Tangmo Nida has become a trend that is quite attracting the attention of Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram social media users.

It is no less interesting, it is known that Tangmo Nida is a reliable swimmer so it makes no sense if Tangmo died from drowning. Therefore, the death of this beautiful artist can be said to be very mysterious and the alibi conveyed by his friends and manager does not have a synchronization of the actual situation. So what do you think?

Photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse spread on Twitter

Still in the same discussion that social media Twitter is one of the platforms with quite a lot of search keywords related to the fact of the photo of Tangmo Nida’s corpse. One of the most searched keywords is dead body Tangmo Twitter, which reportedly shows the condition of the body of this beautiful actress, which can be considered suspicious, especially the wound on her leg.

The victim’s mother reacted to this incident with sadness, revealing that there might be someone who was not happy with Tangmo’s presence there. The incident was indeed very unfortunate considering that Tangmo went with his four closest people, namely

  1. Phaiboon Bert Trikanjananun (friend)
  2. Idsarin Gatick Juthasuksawat (manager)
  3. Nitas Job Kiratisoothisathorn (friend)
  4. Sand Manomairat (friend) Travel
  5. Tanupat Por Lettaweewit (speedboat owner)

Tangmi Nida’s mother, Panida Sirayutthayothin, suspected that before her daughter’s death there was an argument that caused her daughter to end up sitting alone in the back of the boat. However, there are also those who provide a chronology that Tangmo was in the back of the boat because he wanted to pee and couldn’t do it in the toilet.

Tangmo Nida’s Body Condo

The bodies found indicate that the bruises that Tangmo Nida received were violence and abuse and then the alibi of drowning in the Chao Phraya river was made up. This is still being investigated by the police to find out exactly what happened behind the death of this beautiful actress.

However, from this case, the speed boat driver was arrested as a defendant because he did not have a license to drive the ship. The netizens were so careful to pay attention to the condition of Tangmo Nida’s friends, which turned out to show several wounds on certain body parts which further strengthened their belief that there was a fight or resistance from Tangmo before his death.

This is also corroborated by the inconsistent chronology of Tangmo Nida’s friends. First his friends confessed that they came home from the river at 4 in the morning. However, CCTV evidence shows that his friends, including the speed boat driver, went home with Tangmo Nia at 1 o’clock in the morning.

Regardless of all that, hopefully this case can be resolved quickly and provide the truth about the death of this beautiful Thai actress which shocked the public until it went viral. We can learn from the case of Tangmo Nida’s death that we must always be vigilant and careful when traveling with other people, especially not our own family.

The final word

That’s the information we can provide regarding the case that is currently viral, namely the death of Tangmo Nida. For those of you who have a viral Twitter photo of Tangmo Nida’s corpse, please don’t share it to protect the feelings of the family left behind. See you in our next article which is of course updated and interesting!