Tdomino Boxiangyx Com Apk Agent List Tools Partner Higgs Dominoes – It is undeniable that one of the Higgs Domino online games is currently on the rise. The game that carries the traditional card game can actually make money from the sale of chips obtained from winning the game. One of them is through the official agent of partner tools Tdomino Boxiangyx com. How to? The processes and systems in it? What are the advantages? All will be discussed in this particular article.

There are two versions of Higgs Domino that can be played online, both of which can also make money from selling chips. The first is the official version of Higgs Domino Island which can be obtained through the Google Playstore. One is a modified version known as the Higgs Domino RP. Do you use both or one of them?

Whatever version you use, the important thing is that you can make money, that’s how simple it is. However, specifically for the official Tdomino Boxiangyx com agent partner tool, you can only use the original version. For now, that’s the case, in the future maybe both of them can use the partner tool.

Tdomino What is it?

Have you heard the name many times, but don’t know what its functions and benefits are? Relax, you can get enlightenment here. Boxiangyx com is a site that became the official gene of Higgs Domino. Not only sites, they also provide applications as a sign that they are serious about running a chip trading business.

By becoming a partner tool of the site or application provided, you can sell and buy chips there. Not only in the form of chips, other items in the form of purple chips and rare premium items can also be traded at the official agent. That way, those of you who have excess chips and want to get money can immediately sell them there. Conversely, if you are short on chips and need them to play, you can buy them.

Isn’t it possible to buy chips through other players who are selling them? Yes, but do you feel safe enough to make transactions with them? Especially if the account is not yet known, in other words it is not your friend. In addition, transactions per day are also limited to a small amount. In contrast to being a Tdomino Boxiangyx com partner tool, transactions per day are more and transactions are also safer.

Benefits of Being a Tdomino Boxiangyx com Partner Tool

Before deciding to join as their partner tool, it’s a good idea to know what the benefits are. This is a wise step taken before jumping into any business. The reason is, being a Higgs Domino partner tool is not a small thing, you can get large profits in a day.

For consideration, here are the benefits that you can get when you become an official Tdomino Boxiangyx agent!

  • The top up price is cheap, so you can resell it at the normal price for a profit.
  • Can sell premium items, which you cannot sell or buy to other players who are not yet official agents.
  • The chip transaction limit is bigger, maybe bigger than the chips you can get from winning the game or capital for buying and selling.
  • A promising business alternative with all the benefits and advantages it brings.

Main Features of Tdomino Boxiangyx

In addition to the benefits that can be obtained when you become a partner, there are also key features that you must know. The features in question do not directly provide benefits, but provide convenience for buying and selling access.

What are the interesting features in question? Here are already on the filters that we think are the most important to consider!

  • Can exchange money into coins, and vice versa, can exchange coins for money.
  • Many payment methods are available to make transactions easier.
  • Cheap top up price.
  • Withdrawal features through other accounts or digital wallets.
  • Easy access to transactions that are easy to understand.

Terms of Being a Tdomino Partner Tool

From the features and benefits that can be obtained, you cannot immediately become a partner tool for the application. in other words, you must meet the requirements that have been made. But don’t worry, because the conditions put forward are not burdensome for those of you who really intend to run this one business opportunity.

1. Have a Higgs Domino Account

First and foremost is to have a Higgs Domino account. How not, you want to make a transaction involving the Higgs Domino ID but don’t have an account? Impossible isn’t it?

2. VIP Account

Upgrade your account to VIP to fulfill the first requirement. VIP account is useful for making transactions from account to account. This means that you can sell chips directly to other accounts, for example to friends or other people in need.

3. Leveling Up Account

Having a VIP account is not enough, you also need to level up. the way, namely by making chip transactions every day with a certain amount. The more often and more transactions are made, the VIP account level goes up.

How to Become an Agent of Tdomino Boxiangyx com

Okay, let’s say you are interested in this one business opportunity, in terms of the requirements it is also qualified. You must first register to become a Higgs Domino partner tool through Tdomino Boxiangyx com. The method is easy, so don’t worry, as long as the above requirements are sure you can do it.

  1. Open the browser application using an Android phone or PC.
  2. Visit
  3. Enter an active mobile number.
  4. Enter the verification code (OTP) in the field provided (the code will be sent shortly after entering the mobile number via message).
  5. Click login.
  6. Wait until your application is approved.


There are no difficult words if you haven’t tried something, including becoming a partner tool agent for Tdomino Boxiangyx com which we discussed above. We think the discussion has been long enough, so there is nothing more to ask, right?