Telegram Bot Names To Find Chat Friends Other Than Anonymous

Telegram Bot Name To Find Friends

Already know about the name of the Telegram Bot to find new friends? If not, then keep reading this discussion so you won’t be lonely without friends anymore, OK! Moreover, there are more and more Bot features on Telegram which are certainly useful for you.

Actually, there are many bots on Telegram. In fact, it is not uncommon for new bit names to be created so that users are more comfortable and comfortable using Telegram. Not infrequently also used as a helper for various purposes.

For example, bots to help us learn. Very interesting, right? Well, this time we will know about Bot making friends. The concept is quite unique, right?

5 Telegram Bot Names to Make New Friends

1. Anonymous

This bot will allow you to connect with other Telegram users (connected). But, as the name implies, you will be recognized as unknown or anonymous (without a name). With the services provided, you can connect with anyone at random (random).

In the middle of last year, this Bot was very much sought after and admired by many users. Because, they feel comfortable to chat with other people without fear of your identity being leaked. Because, you will only connect anonymously.

This type of service, of course, is needed by many people. Especially those who are shy and introverted. You can chat by looking for random people according to the commands on this Anonymous bot.

You can choose the reference of the interlocutor whether it’s small, adults to gender. Later this bot will filter the friends you want according to the description or command you run. It’s just that, don’t carelessly give your data or real name to your chat opponent!

2. AnonRuBot

Well, this bot will mostly provide chat opponents who come from Russia. For those of you who like to find chat friends from abroad. Or, maybe you are trying to learn Russian, then you can start trying this bot service.

Just imagine if you get a chat friend that is fun and not boring. After all, when will you meet friends from Russia again, right?

3. Random Friend

His name is also random alias random. So, the friends you will find in this Bot service are random users. If you want to find this bot, then you can type it in the Telegram application search field.

You will find those bits easily. Although you may not recognize the gender of your chat partner. However, these bots will usually provide a username.

4. Botty Bot

Unlike the previous 3 Bits, this bot is run directly by the admin or owner. Where you will get a long response. Yes, just imagine if the service is not handled by AI.

However, one of the uniqueness and advantages of this bot is that you can confide in. Later, your complaint will be responded to by the admin. However, you do have to be patient waiting for your turn to be answered, yes!

5. Random Chats Bot

The last bot is also the same as other Telegram friends find bots. Where you will randomly be able to chat or communicate with other Telegram users. Even though it’s random, you can see the details of your chatting friend.

Starting from the user name, age, to gender you can also find out. But, still you have to be careful when dealing with personal data, yes! Because your online (chat) friends are random friends! So, good luck with that.