Telkom Launches Leap, Ready to Become the Core Engine of Indonesia’s Digital Sovereignty – PT Telkom Indonesia through the Digital Business unit officially launched an umbrella brand called Leap. As the name implies, Leap is projected to be a driver of innovation leaps for Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

Telkom’s President Director, Ririek Adriansyah said that digital is an opportunity for the Indonesian nation and state, because there are many things that can be done through digital platforms.

“Our country can make a leap towards developed countries through innovation in various sectors, such as health, agriculture, and others using digitalization,” said Ririek at the launch event which was held virtually, Wednesday (9/3).

He continued, “I am proud to introduce Leap, Telkom’s umbrella brand that is ready to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0. We will continue to increase innovation to meet and serve the needs of society.”

President Director of Telkom Indonesia, Ririek Adriansyah at the launch of Leap, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

In the same place, Telkom’s Director of Digital Business, Fajrin Rasyid, also introduced Leap as one of the keys to accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia.

According to Fajrin, digitalization plays an important role in boosting the Indonesian economy.

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“We are here to give a new color in uniting a new spirit with digital products that can improve people’s lives. Leap is the core engine to develop Indonesia’s digital sovereignty through various innovations, ranging from developing potential startups, local champions, to collaboration with products from global technology giants,” said Fajrin.

From the explanation of this millennial director, Leap’s products so far are the result of innovations that are solutions to people’s needs, and have been selected through internal selection.

Furthermore, Leap is also targeted to become an acceleration lever through collaboration with the government, local startups, campuses, and global technology companies.

Even the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir also hopes that Telkom as the parent that oversees the Leap umbrella brand can be the captain for the digital transformation of innovative superior products.

“Hopefully this Leap initiative can empower the community in building digital opportunities. Indonesia must have its own ecosystem and roadmap, and we must ensure that we can be winners. Let’s take a leap to accelerate the digital ecosystem in Indonesiasaid Eric.

For those who don’t know, the naming of “Leap” has a story behind it.

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Each letter in the name Leap has its own meaning and meaning that symbolizes Telkom’s commitment to digital transformation.

If you look at the acronym, “L” has meaning look for progress, “E” for Exploring new ideas to innovate“A” means Always giving good impactand “P” as Providing solutions.

This means, as a brand, Leap always looks forward, is open to ideas and innovations, and provides various solutions to bring positive impacts to people’s lives.

Meanwhile, if we look at the logo, Leap shows the basic form in the movement of leaping forward towards digital sovereignty.

This symbol is also expected to represent Leap as a core value in creating digital products that are innovative, solution-based, and have a good impact on the country so that it continues to advance to achieve digital sovereignty.

The combination of the letter L with the stylized right arrow icon on the Leap logo becomes a symbol of a spirit to continue to accelerate without stopping.

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