Telkom Supports Mitratel to Boost Fiberization of Indonesian Operators – PT Telkom Indonesia continues to strengthen its position in the telecommunications tower business through its subsidiary, PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (Mitratel). The company is currently working on a fiberization program for connectivity between BTS of a number of telecommunications operator companies in Indonesia.

This program will increase the number of Mitratel towers connected to fiber optic networks so that it will accelerate the digitization process in Indonesia and become a real step for Mitratel as Leading Digital Infrastructure Company to encourage the development of the digital economy in Indonesia.

In the future, internet users will not have to worry anymore because they will be able to use the internet seamlessly, buffering free, and lag-free.

“Telkom fully supports the fiberization steps carried out by Mitratel through various strategic steps. Technological developments require operators to increase the need for telecommunication towers,” said Telkom’s Strategic Portfolio Director, Budi Setyawan Wijaya in a statement received

He continued, “We hope that this opportunity can strengthen and strengthen our position as the largest telecommunications tower player in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia in the future. This is in line with the strategy that has been launched for optimal value creation for Mitratel. This fiberization is of course also an effort to improve the quality of internet access throughout Indonesia.”

TelkomGroup’s support for Mitratel’s fiberization steps is implemented through several fiberization methods, including capacity-based, hybrid capacity, and dark fiber, both utilizing Telkom’s fiber optic assets and those built by Mitratel.

It is known, in December 2021, Mitratel will expand its fiber optic service coverage by building and leasing 5,700 km of fiber optic networks nationwide.

This network strengthening will improve the distribution and quality of mobile broadband through 4G and 5G BTS. This development will add a total of 1,500 Mitratel towers connected to the optical network.

From the original 11,914 towers connected to the optical network, there will be 13,414 Mitratel towers connected to the optical network. The Mitratel fiberization program itself has begun to be implemented in early 2022.

“This program is in line with the company’s target to increase competitive advantage and make Mitratel a leader in the business tower market through increasing the tenancy ratio to support business growth after the IPO,” said Mitratel President Director, Theodorus Ardi Hartoko.

He continued, “expansion through various collaborations, both organic and inorganic, must be carried out because the market is growing rapidly.”

Mitratel itself officially listed its shares (Initial Public Offering / IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) November 22, 2021.

The company with the stock code MTEL released 23,493,524,800 shares with a total IPO value of IDR 18.79 trillion.
By listing on the Exchange, Mitratel hopes to become a bigger and more independent telecommunications tower company that supports the acceleration of digitalization and drives the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia.

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