TelkomGroup Commitment to Present World Class Digital Services at IKN Nusantara – As a leading state-owned enterprise and digital telecommunications company, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) consistently strives to realize Indonesia’s digital sovereignty, from big cities to remote, outermost, and leading (3T) areas.

This time, Telkom is ready to fully support the provision of digital infrastructure and services in the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago. With a focus on providing connectivity, platforms and various digital services, TelkomGroup supports IKN Nusantara to become a smart city modern one.

“In line with the government in establishing the IKN Nusantara concept as a smart city, Telkom’s role in presenting digital transformation is very important. There are various opportunities and challenges to be faced. Of course, this is a big task as well as pride for TelkomGroup to be able to participate in supporting the digitalization of smart cities at IKN Nusantara. The development plan includes three digital business domains (connectivity, platform and services) that synergize with all subsidiaries and also the government,” said Telkom President Director, Ririek Adriansyah during his visit to review the readiness of TelkomGroup service infrastructure at IKN Nusantara, accompanied by the Director of Network & IT. Solution Telkom, Herlan Wijanarko, on Tuesday (2/3/2022)

Telkom President Director Ririek Adriansyah (center) inspects the readiness of TelkomGroup’s service infrastructure at the Zero Point of IKN Nusantara on Tuesday (2/3). (Photo: Telkom)

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Currently, the coverage of Telkom’s network infrastructure around the IKN Nusantara area, precisely in Sepaku District, has recorded 173 ODPs and it is very possible for further development.

In addition, the Manado-Dumai Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG) submarine cable that crosses the Makassar Strait makes IKN Nusantara a direct global connection prepared through the Batam and Manado gateways.

Meanwhile, for Telkomsel’s mobile service, the expansion of coverage, capacity addition, and improvement of 4G and 5G network quality in the IKN Nusantara area will continue to be maximized.

Telkom President Director Ririek Adriansyah (left) accompanied by Telkom Network & IT Solution Director Herlan Wijanarko reviewed the readiness of TelkomGroup service infrastructure at IKN Nusantara on Tuesday (2/3). (Photo: Telkom)

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In addition to providing the best connectivity services, TelkomGroup will also present the best digital solutions through the construction of an Intelligent Data Center with Smart & Intelligent Network Security so as to encourage the realization of IKN Nusantara as a smart city with the best digital services and a high level of cybersecurity.

“To ensure that the realization of all infrastructure development plans for IKN Nusantara can be optimal and in accordance with the target, TelkomGroup will collaborate with PUPR and Kominfo as well as related institutions or agencies. Hopefully the efforts and spirit of collaboration of all parties can encourage digitalization so that the presence of IKN Nusantara as a smart city can later become a new face for a better Indonesia,” concluded Ririek.

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