Telkomsel Digital Ecosystem Introduces INDICO, What is it? – PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital officially introduced the company logo and brand named INDICO.

As a subsidiary of Telkomsel which will become a holding company For vertical businesses in the digital sector, INDICO is committed to accelerating the opening of more opportunities and facilitating innovation in the use of the latest digital technology, which will strengthen Indonesia’s digital ecosystem and industry.

The introduction of INDICO is part of the spirit of PT Telkomsel Ekosistem Digital to strengthen the company’s identity as a driver of change that will encourage the presence of more innovative digital services.

INDICO will also accelerate the birth of a variety of dedicated digital talent potentials who will prioritize collaboration with cross-sector startups in the country, investors, and other stakeholders in the digital industry, which is expected to have a significant impact in strengthening the nation’s digital economy.

INDICO CEO Andi Kristianto said, “As a digital platform company, INDICO is here to create flywheel effect innovation in developing cross-sectoral digital solutions through the utilization of Telkomsel’s assets and capabilities.

We strive to be able to explore various potentials that can contribute to the growth of the national digital economy, and make Indonesia a bridge for Indonesia’s digital solutions and also on a global scale, in Southeast Asia.

We hope that INDICO will be able to present digital solutions that are beneficial to the Indonesian people as well as strengthen the empowerment of local talent to contribute positively to regional and global markets.”

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Telkomsel President Director Hendri Mulya Syam said, “Telkomsel as a digital ecosystem enabler will always be ready to support various needs synergy value which is maximized by INDICO in developing its vertical business penetration to create digital innovations that have an impact on the nation’s digital economy through the support of the superiority of Telkomsel’s asset and business ecosystem.

We also hope that the new corporate brand identity will further strengthen Telkomsel’s commitment to the transformation roadmap as part of the leading state-owned company in Indonesia, the TelkomGroup, by making INDICO a digital ecosystem powerhouse in the growth of an inclusive national digital economy to lead Indonesia towards the world’s largest digital economy. 4 by 2030.”

SOE Minister Eric Thohir said, “Telkomsel dares to step on the gas tolaunch INDICO, is an aggregator and market access company for whom? Local creators. It is impossible for economic growth to run without the certainty of job creation.”

Erick added that the majority of Indonesians now are Gen-Z whose mindset has changed, their creativity has changed, and their will has changed.

Because, said Eric, INDICO is an aggregator for Indonesia’s version of digital economic growth, and we must have it road map Indonesian, isn’t it road map China, and also not road map America.

“Of course it’s not anti-foreign, we invite foreigners together like my statement at the beginning, when a lot of investment enters Indonesia, it is also job creation, but the importance of investment is according to the road map we want, building the Indonesian ecosystem, of course later. the center of world economic growth, but the Indonesian economy must grow first,” explained Eric.

The choice of INDICO as the commercial name was motivated by the company’s ambition to create a digital ecosystem by promoting the spirit of collaboration that empowers everyone.

This empowerment is expected to be able to open up more opportunities to accelerate progress in various aspects of life.

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From the logo side, the use of the portal illustration symbolizes the opportunities that are wide open through collaboration in the digital ecosystem that empowers progress. Meanwhile, the use of dynamic fonts represents agility to empower businesses and all Indonesian people.

In addition, the use of red and white colors symbolizes Indonesia and the courage to explore, innovate, and move forward.

In carrying out business operations, INDICO focuses on developing customer-oriented cross-sector solutions and services through technological innovations that can facilitate people in accelerating their digital lifestyle.

In the first wave development stage, INDICO will focus on developing three priority digital industry sectors, namely health (health-tech), education (edu-tech), and gaming which are considered to have great potential to encourage the national digital economy.

In addition to these three sectors, INDICO also opens opportunities to expand its vertical business portfolio to more other industrial sectors as the market develops and opens up opportunities for collaboration in an effort to develop the national digital economy.

The health-tech and edu-tech sectors are the two main sectors that have been developed by INDICO, along with the merger of the management of the Kuncie and Fita application businesses.

INDICO has also recently made developments in the gaming sector through the establishment of Majamojo, a joint venture (JV) company with PT Applications Multimedia Anak Bangsa owned by the GoTo Group, with a business focus as a game publisher.

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