Telkomsel Starts Gradually Upgrade 3G to 4G Network, Jakarta – Telkomsel will start upgrading its 3G to 4G network gradually in 2022. Network upgrades are carried out carefully in order to maintain user convenience and access to communication.

Director of Network Telkomsel Nugroho, explained that since March, Telkomsel has carried out the process of upgrading or upgrading 3G to 4G network services in 504 cities/districts until the end of 2022.

The process of upgrading the 3G network to the 4G network will be carried out periodically in 4 stages, with the first phase starting from March to May 2022 in 90 cities/districts, covering 766 sub-districts.

“March 2022 will be Telkomsel’s first stage in upgrading its 3G to 4G network services in stages in several regions in Indonesia, and is targeted for completion in May 2022,” said Nugroho.

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While the second phase will be carried out in 132 cities/districts from June to July 2022. Then in the third phase, upgrading the 3G to 4G network will be carried out in 178 cities/districts from August to October 2022.

Next in the fourth stage, the increase will be carried out from November to December 2022 in 104 cities/districts.

To ensure the process of upgrading 3G to 4G services can run well and not reduce customer convenience, Telkomsel has prepared all action plans starting from technical preparation, socialization to customers, to optimal mitigation stages.

Telkomsel will also continue to conduct measurable assessments of each process of increasing 3G to 4G services in a total of 504 cities/districts for each period.

From the consumer side, Telkomsel invites all customers who are still using 3G services to immediately switch to 4G services, by providing additional quota of up to 30GB specifically for customers who have exchanged 4G or uSIM cards.

“Equitable distribution of the 4G network opens up opportunities for Indonesians to enjoy and maximize the access experience broadband 4G that is more evenly distributed, fast, stable, and reliable,” concluded Nugroho.

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Based on the official statement received on Friday (25/3/2022), more detailed information regarding the implementation mechanism of Telkomsel’s 3G to 4G service improvement program can be found via the link [NM/HBS]