Thai Artist Viral on Telegram, Here’s the Chronology of the Event!

Not long ago, social media users were shocked by the mysterious death of a Thai artist. This makes netizens curious by hunting down various photos of the Thai artist’s corpse on social media such as twitter, telegram to youtube.

Even though the authorities had banned the distribution of photos and videos of the death or bodies of uncensored Thai artists on various social media platforms. Many netizens, especially fans, were traumatized or scared after seeing the Thai artist’s no-censored photo or video.

An artist who came from Thailand, known as Tangno Nida, died at the age of 37 years. His body was found floating in Thailand’s Chao Phraya river after allegedly falling from a speedboat. The news of the death of the Thai artist Tangmo Nida has also become a hot topic for netizens around the world.

So what makes the news of Tangmo Nida’s death mysterious? Until it can shock netizens around the world. If you are one of the people who are curious about the hot viral news of Thai artists on Telegram, watch until the end so you don’t miss the complete information.

Thai Artist Viral on Telegram Who Falls into the River

Thai artist viral on telegram

The woman who started her career when she was in junior high school died mysteriously in the Chao Phraya river in Thailand. The police are currently investigating in depth the case of his death.

The mysterious death of Tangmo Nida, an artist who won a beauty contest and won the Miss Teen Thailand 2002 title, has since gone viral on various social media platforms. Many netizens are wondering what is the real cause of the death of the beautiful artist Tangmo Nida?

Thai artist with real name Nida Patcharaveerapong, was found dead floating in the Chao Phraya river, Thailand on Saturday (26/2/2022) yesterday, she was found dead after being reported missing for 2 days. Since the discovery of Tangmo Nida’s body until it went viral, a number of CCTV footage has also spread on the internet.

The CCTV footage recorded the artist’s activities before he died. He seemed to be enjoying his time with five of his friends on a speedboat, which is suspected to be the last time they had contact with Tangmo Nida. The five people referred to here are Idsarin ‘gatick’ Juthasuksawat, Manager Tangmo Nida ‘sand’ Manomairat, Nitas ‘worker’ Kiratisoothisathorn, Tanupat ‘por’ Letraweewit, a boat owner and Phaiboon ‘robert’ Trikanjananum.

Thai Police Open Voice About Tangmo Nida’s Death

According to the police, it is suspected that Tangmo Nida fell from the speedboat after sailing along the river on Thursday night. Tanupat and Phaiboon have been indicted on the grounds of operating the vessel without a permit and negligence which caused the Thai artist’s death.

A new piece of evidence emerged when the Technology Crime Suppersion Division (TCSD) searched Tanupat’s cell phone and found that he had confessed to one of the several people consulted via cellphone that phaiboon was driving a speedboat when Tangmo Nida fell. Allegedly due to inexperience in maneuvering the boat, the phaiboon reportedly lost control.

As a result of this, Tangmo Nida, who was right behind the boat, was about to fall. The Thai artist’s body was found at the Pibungsongkram Nonthaburi pier in Bangkok by the rescue team, almost 1 kilometer away from the crash site of the Thai artist Tangmo Nida.

The news of the death of this beautiful Thai artist was first crowded as a topic of conversation on the Facebook application as a rumor. However, it was recently reported that artist Tangmo Nida was officially announced that he had passed away.

Fans were so devastated that news of Tangmo Nida’s death was widely disseminated on social media, even some photos and videos of Tangmo Nida’s body were being hunted down because many netizens were curious about the truth.

Seeing this, the police have strictly warned the public not to disseminate photos of Tangmo Nida’s corpse on all social media platforms. The police also do not hesitate to give sanctions in the form of penalties or fines if there are still people who violate the policy.

The final word

This is information about viral Thai artists on telegram and other social media. Hope it answers your curiosity, wait for other interesting news from our site!