Thanks to the iPhone, 5G Phones Are More Selling Than 4G Phones – Looks like we’re really going to be say goodbye into the 4G era. The 5G network is increasingly dominating, and the smartphone sector is no exception.

This can be seen from smartphones with 5G support which are gradually shifting the position of 4G smartphones.

According to a Counterpoint Research report, 5G smartphone sales reached 51 percent in January, rivaling 4G smartphone sales.

The largest sales results were contributed by China, North America and Western Europe. 5G smartphone sales in China reached 84 percent, then North America and Western Europe managed to sell 73 percent and 76 percent, respectively.

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Then, which 5G smartphone sells the best?

Apple with its first 5G device iPhone 12 dominates the market for sales of new 5G smartphones, according to Counterpoint, quoted from Cnet, Saturday (19/03/2022).

Apple managed to become the prima donna of 5G phones with a contribution of 37 percent of sales from around the world in January. Meanwhile, Samsung only contributes about 12 percent, because Samsung is less popular in China.

5G smartphones are getting more and more mainstream In the US and Western Europe, people are finally looking for 5G phones that have low prices.

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Apple recently released its first low-cost 5G smartphone, the iPhone SE 2022 which retails for only $429. Despite its old-school design, the iPhone SE 2022 is selling well in the market, this is in line with the predictions from Counterpoint.

According to Counterpoint, demand for the iPhone SE 5G will skyrocket in Europe, Southeast Asia and Korea as 5G networks in the region continue to grow.

Switching to Android with 5G networks, chipsets with 5G support from Qualcomm and MediaTek are driving sales of 5G smartphones with new devices from Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo.

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