The 10 Best Simulation Games On Android Online & Offline 2021 – Some time ago we discussed about Offline Adventure Games that you can define and play the game right now. In fact, there are still several game genres that are no less exciting for you to play. The most popular game genre and is still much loved by game lovers to date is the Best Simulation Game.

You need to know that there are lots of simulation game genres that you can play and download first through the Google Playstore. Because there are too many you may be confused about which simulation game to play. No need to worry because in this review we will recommend some of the best simulation games that you can try and play right now.

In general, simulation games do provide a graphical display that looks like real. So it is not surprising that many game lovers are interested and addicted to playing the simulation game. Well, to find out what simulation games can be played, please see the full explanation as follows.

10 Best Simulation Games On Android 2021

For those of you who are looking for the best simulation games that can be played on Android devices, here we will share the 10 Best Simulation Games on Android 2021 which are our recommendations for you to download and play the game right now. Check out the explanation as follows.

#1. Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

One of the best simulator games is Bus Simulator Indonesia. As the name implies, this game will invite you to become a bus driver with a local flavor. That is, all conditions in this game are native to Indonesia. In addition, the bus model inside is also exactly the same as the buses in Indonesia.

And what’s even more interesting, you can honk the horn Om Telolet Om which is phenomenal. All the streets presented by this game are typical of Indonesia, so you won’t be bored when you play it later. And most importantly that this game is equipped with animated 3D Graphics.

#2. Sakura School Simulator

Sakura School Simulator is a popular simulation game that is widely played. This game allows the players to become ordinary students at one of the high schools called Sakura Town High School. This game is equipped with a very charming graphic display and a simulation game with a cool school background.

The Sakura School Simulator game also offers simple controls. Players can also explore sakura town freely. You can talk to other characters, visit friends’ houses and so on. This game is supported with 3GB RAM phone specifications and higher Snapdragon 820 processor. Interested to play it? Come on, download it now.

#3. SimCity Buildlt

Who does not know the game SimCity Buildlt? A simulation game that is almost similar to RollerCoaster Tycoon. This game will invite you to be able to control and manage a city. You will serve as city leaders or mayors. Of course, the task you have to complete is not easy.

Because the city leader must be able to think of everything to build a beautiful city. For example, overcoming congestion, preventing citizen unemployment, water, electricity and so on. In addition, the city’s financial problems are also an important role that you must overcome.

#4. Indonesian Train Simulator

Indonesian Train Simulator is a simulation game that can invite you to become a machinist. So, for those of you who want to feel the excitement of the profession of a machinist, then the Indonesian Train Simulator game is a must try. You need to know that this game presents various trains in Indonesia.

Like the task of a machinist in general, you will be tasked with delivering passengers safely to their destination. However, players must be careful when driving the train, because bad weather can affect the trip later. Interested? Come on, download the game right now.

#5. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free will invite you to become a pilot with only an Android smartphone. You will feel the pleasant sensation of being a pilot when riding a plane. This game is equipped with 3D effects that look like real when flying a plane.

Not only that, this game also presents a lot of panels like real planes. So, you don’t just fly planes. You also have to be able to complete the various missions available in it. Ready to become a pilot? Make sure you download the game first.

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#6. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay game is a popular simulation game on PCs and laptops. However, you can play this game on Android devices easily, and get the game through the Playstore. In this game, you can do simulations for example living in social circles. Of course you can choose the character according to your own wishes.

In addition, the players can also choose the job they want freely. And what’s even more interesting is that you can find a partner, have a family to have children. Because this game requires you not to live alone. Come on, download the game right now.

#7. Egg, Inc

Game Egg, Inc will make you a leader. The reason, is not a leader who controls or regulates citizens. The players will run a business where you will produce eggs according to the name of the game. Sounds very interesting doesn’t it?

Sounds very easy, but this game is very difficult to play. Because players must be able to calculate the total cost of income and expenses like the real world. For example, total equipment to sales. If you are interested, please download the game through the Playstore.

#8. Rebel Inc

If you play the game Rebel Inc. the players will be required to have good strategic skills. In this game you will be presented with a very tense war storyline. The players must try to determine priorities with military strength to minimize local residents who are none other than victims of war.

Rebel Inc. Also the players must be able to stabilize the 7 regions by attracting the attention of civilians, providing capital, and stopping the rebellion. This game is very exciting and don’t miss it. Make sure to download the game through the Playstore.

#9. Fallout Shelter

The next best simulation game is Fallout Shelter. This game won the DICE Awards in 2016. By playing Fallout Shelter you have to be able to control everything related in order to survive. Fallout Shelter also has a fun and engaging storyline. Tells about the earth that has been damaged and humans must try to survive.

And humans can protect themselves in underground shelters. You will serve as a leader who must be able to control the stock of food, water, drinks, to defense. The reason is, do not let the rebels enter the shelter and kill many residents. Interested? Download the game right now.

#10. Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free

Block Craft 3D simulation game: Building Simulator Games For Free presents a Minecraft-style visual design. This game allows you to build buildings, houses, forests, and more. And what’s even more interesting is that you can build the Eiffel tower. However, in addition to buildings, players can also channel your creativity by decorating the house.

You can use a variety of furniture according to your individual wishes. In addition, the furniture you create can also be sold and exchanged for diamonds. How? Interested to play it right away? Come on, download it now via google playstore.

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The final word

Maybe that’s all we can say about the 10 Best Simulation Games on Android 2021 that you can play. You can choose some of the simulation games that we have shared in this article. Please download and install the game via Playstore. Hopefully this article is useful, thank you.