The 2022 Bansos Check Application, here is the link and how to use it!

The government continues to develop and distribute social assistance for PKH and BPNT which will reportedly be accelerated from February 2022. In collaboration with Pos Indonesia, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the government will make it easier for the community to disburse social assistance without having to use the Prosperous Family Card so that people can get social assistance more quickly .

The community, in this case the beneficiaries, can check the 2022 social assistance so that they know whether the data is registered or not. This can help the beneficiaries to update information related to the 2022 social assistance. It is hoped that this assistance will be right on target and will have a big impact on the families of the designated beneficiaries.

Did you know that the government has provided a budget for social assistance funds of up to 74.08 trillion so that this fund is a breath of fresh air for beneficiaries of PKH social assistance and Non-Cash Food Assistance due to covid 19. For those of you who want to register for the 2022 social assistance, maybe you can try to register.

In this article, we will discuss the 2022 social assistance check application and how to register for social assistance that you can try. So don’t miss this discussion to add your information about the 2022 social assistance. As we know there are still many people who don’t know complete information regarding the distribution of this social assistance fund.

How to Register for Social Assistance Through the 2022 Bansos Check Application

The 2022 Social Assistance Check Application

You need to know that the Bansos check application is not only used to check the status of social assistance but can also be used to register as one of the beneficiaries of Bansos 2022. There are actually two ways to register, namely coming directly to the village office and following the existing procedures and registering via application.

The social assistance check application that we will discuss now can be used to register as a social assistance recipient, here we have summarized the ways to register and use this application. This method is easier than having to come directly to the village office and take care of various complicated administrations.

  • The first step is to first download the social assistance check application on the Playstore or you can click here
  • Wait for the download process to complete and open the application when it’s finished downloading
  • After that, don’t forget to register by entering your NIK and KK number
  • Fill in the appropriate data and complete it so that the registration process runs smoothly
  • Then go to the main menu of the social assistance check application and click the proposal list menu then select add proposal
  • This step is required to register as a beneficiary of social assistance
  • After that the system will adjust to the data that is already in the Disdukcapil
  • Once appropriate, then choose one of the desired social assistance programs
  • Furthermore, after you are declared to have passed as a beneficiary of the Ministry of Social’s social assistance, the application screen will display your name, NIK, and the status of the dukcapil area.

How to Check Data in the Social Assistance Check Application

After registering, you may wonder whether you are a recipient of social assistance provided by the government, the ministry of social affairs, to make sure we have easily summarized the method that you can follow step by step, here is how:

  • The first step is to first download the 2022 Bansos check application on the Playstore. You can also click the following link for the Social Assistance Check Application
  • After that, open the application and register by entering the required data such as KTP, KK, and NIK
  • After that you will be directed to take a selfie with your ID card for verification
  • After you have finished entering the required data and verifying the photo, the system will provide an OTP code to the registered email
  • Open your email account to verify the data, after verification is complete, enter the section from the main menu of the social assistance check application
  • Open the social assistance check menu then enter your residence data such as province, city or district, sub-district, and village or village.
  • Click ok then you can see the family data of the social assistance beneficiary then look for your family name there whether it is included in the beneficiary or not

The final word

That’s all the information we can convey regarding the 2022 social assistance fund check application that can help you to see the status of the beneficiary. Hopefully this article can be useful and if it is useful for others, don’t forget to share it. Stay tuned for information from our next site which will always be updated!