The 3 most accurate WA (WhatsApp) tapping applications without being caught – The development of technology makes it easier to communicate, one of which is by using WhatsApp. Even so far there have been WA Hacking Apps which are often found. This is done with a purpose.

Actually, the use of such applications is better if used properly. An example is to track the activity of a child or spouse. So, things that are not desirable can be prevented easily through a tapping application like this.

About the Couple’s WA Spy App

About WhatsApp, is an application that makes it easy to communicate. In addition to sending messages, this application can be done for voice or picture calls. So, almost everyone uses this instant messaging application.

Not only that, but WhatsApp itself has a lot of interesting features in it. One of them is to make video calls to up to 8 people. You can also send messages in the form of images, videos, sounds, to documents.

With this kind of application, communication becomes more effective and easy. So, you yourself can feel the many conveniences provided by this application.

Then with WA Hacking Apps itself is an additional application to be able to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity. Thus, you as a user can find out all the activities of the WhatsApp owner or victim.

Actually, the WhatsApp application itself is equipped with advanced security features. But unfortunately, these features are still not considered sophisticated. This is because there are still a lot of people who do wiretapping on this application.

List of Best Whatsapp Hacking Apps

Usually, tapping activities on these applications are carried out to see traces, ranging from chat content to call logs. Although it is called an illegal act because it interferes with the privacy of others, there are still many users of this tapping application.

But some people say the use of this application is quite good. Because this application will help parents in supervising their children or their partners. Well, below are some WA Hacking Apps which you can use. Are as follows :

1. WhatsApp Web

The first application that is commonly used for eavesdropping is WhatsApp Web. As the name suggests, this application is used for WhatsApp online. This application is touted as an application that is easy and not complicated.

Even for those of you who are still a newbie with the application, you will not find it difficult. Even in using it, it is also very easy. Because you only need to access the page. Well, so that you are not confused in using this application. Just read the full tutorial below:

  1. First, you open the WhatsApp account that will be tapped first,
  2. Then you select the Menu or Settings option,
  3. Then you enter the WhatsApp Web option from the account that will be tapped,
  4. Next, you scan the barcode that is already on the WhatsApp Web display by selecting the plus icon in the upper right corner,
  5. Then automatically, you can open a conversation that belongs to the WA number you want to tap,
  6. After that, WhatsApp Web works by cloning the WA account that you are connected to. So, the WA account will run simultaneously on the web version and also the WhatsApp application.
  7. Finished.

Use WA Hacking Apps it’s quite effective. But unfortunately, you have to login to the account that will be tapped first. Then for those who use this application, you have to be extra vigilant.

2. Clone App Messenger

Then the second application to hack WhatsApp is Clone App Messenger. The way this application works is by cloning other people’s WhatsApp accounts to your account. Then the method is almost the same as using WhatsApp Web, namely by scanning barcodes.

In this way, you indirectly have to scan the barcode first using the victim’s device or someone else’s. Even the use of this application also has weaknesses. Because, WhatsApp itself already has advanced security. This makes it difficult for eavesdroppers to break into the victim’s device. So the eavesdropper must access the victim’s application.

But interestingly, this application has advanced features. One of them is the Story Saver and Direct Chat features, these features will make it easier for eavesdroppers to use and more comfortable. You can use WA Hacking Apps It’s free and you don’t have to pay.

3. WhatsApp Sniffer

The last spy application is WhatsApp Sniffer. As with other applications, the use of this application is to view the conversations of fellow WhatsApp users. In essence, you can tap when connected to the same wifi network.

You need to know, the WhatsApp Sniffer application itself works directly by encrypting WhatsApp’s P2P security. So, you can easily see the contents of the conversation from the victim’s WhatsApp.

Then the weakness of this application is, you will not be able to remotely tap. Because, you can perform this action when your device and the victim are both connected to the same wifi network. While in the trial of this application, you can do it easily. You only need to download the WhatsApp Sniffer application on Google.

However, the developer said that this application cannot guarantee 100% tapping. Because this application has a number of conditions so that it can be used. That way, you can carry out wiretapping activities according to the plan.


How, it’s quite easy not knowing at the same time how to use WA Hacking Apps. If that’s the case, what can you do and immediately try the application, then execute it. Thus, your curiosity will be paid off. Good luck.