The ‘awakened’ iPhone 8 uses the A15 Bionic Chipset – The most affordable 5G smartphone from Apple is finally officially launched. Interestingly, the iPhone SE 2022 was hit by netizens.

iPhone SE 2022 launched at the Apple Event held on March 8, 2022. The iPhone SE 2022 is said to be the incarnation of the iPhone 8 which has risen with the latest chipset, namely the A15 Bionic. The same chipset as the iPhone 13.

Various reactions such as memes and jokes also flowed from Warganet on Twitter.

It’s funny to see people say the iPhone SE 3 has a design similar to the SE 2. Well man, the design is similar to the iPhone 8,” wrote the @MaxWineBach account.

iPhone SE 3, the latest chip in an old-school design formula. A15 Bionic from iPhone 13, body from iPhone 8, and 5G network,” wrote the @MKBHD account.

I don’t know what makes Apple feel at home using the iPhone 8 design for their iPhone SE 2022. From 2020, Apple has not changed its design and is still faithful to the old-school design of the iPhone 8 which was launched in 2017.

iPhone SE 3 has body dimensions of 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm and weighs 148 grams and a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels, surrounded by thick bezels on all sides, including the top and bottom and a physical home button that integrates with the Touch ID.

For the outside, Apple claims that this phone has the same material as the iPhone 13 on the back and front, glass material on the front, ceramic glass on the back and aluminum for the frame.

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Although the body looks old school, the iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE 2022 is powered by Apple’s strongest chipset for iPhone today, the A15 Bionic. The same chipset used by the iPhone 13 series.

You could say, the iPhone SE 2022 comes as an iPhone 8 that has bounced back with an updated name and chipset, which is certainly claimed to be better than 2017.

iPhone SE with A15 Bionic (5 nm) which has a more enhanced speed and has smoother performance, its CPU performance is 1.8 times faster than iPhone 8, its GPU performance is 2.2 times faster, and 16-times faster. The core Neural Engine makes the operation of this smartphone 26 times faster than the iPhone 8.

Not only that, the efficiency presented by the A15 Bionic makes the iPhone SE 3 claimed to have a longer battery life and support 5G network connectivity.

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The iPhone SE 3 will be the first iPhone SE series to have a current 5G network. Previously, 5G networks in the iPhone lineup began to appear on the iPhone 12 Mini, but this time Apple is bringing the network to their affordable smartphones.

Unfortunately, the price set for the ‘iPhone 8 with the latest chipset’ is considered too expensive by some, considering the design displayed looks old and out of date.

Apple is selling the iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) with prices starting at USD 429 or around Rp. 6.1 million.

So what do you think? Is this the iPhone SE 3 or the reborn iPhone 8 using a new name and the latest chipset?

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