The Batman Uses a Tesla Batmobile in the Shape of an American Muscle Car‘The Batman’ is finally showing in cinemas in Indonesia. We were immediately curious about the Batmobile which is definitely a mandatory requirement in all Batman films.

Interestingly, Warner Bros. said they used 4 cars for purposes shooting film ‘The Batman’ and one of them is Tesla. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what Tesla’s role is.

If you look from trailersIn fact, the cars that are milling about in action are typical American Muscle Car figures, just like Dominic Toretto’s car collection in ‘The Fast and The Furious’.

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We still hope that Tesla in ‘The Batman’ is not used as a daily carBruce Wayne, but became a Batmobile in the form of a Muscle Car.

This is the first time Batman has made a realistic car and maybe this is the first time in the real world. Unlike many previous Batmobiles, which were so futuristic and difficult to consider a car, unless it had wheels.

Whitewashed in black doffBatman modifies his car to make it look scary and maybe deliberately to intimidate his enemies when pursuing or attacking.

Oh yes, one of the reasons why Batmobile ‘The Batman’ is like a normal car, because in this film Bruce Wayne’s character is just starting to become a figure Super heroso it’s not in perfect Batman condition yet — so the car is still rudimentary.

But for a modification, this car is still cool. The frightening impression is shown on the front with bumper sturdy. However, there is a futuristic touch to the LED lights and also to the hood.

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Meanwhile, at the rear, the ferocity of a Batmobile with large pipes and jet muzzles promises a savage performance typical of Batman.

Although overall the Batmobile is just a normal modified car, that doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated, especially if it’s really supported by Tesla technology.

At a glance, inside trailers revealed the question jet propulsion system. With boredom For us, we can think of the Batmobile’s jet engine as relying on electric power as a source of propulsion.

While the power source uses a battery with a fuel cell or generator gas turbine.

I don’t know, hopefully there will be further explanation regarding the technicalities of this latest Batmobile in the film.

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