The Best and Most Exciting Newest 2022 Offline Android Adventure Game of the Year

Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share information about various Offline Android Adventure Games which we will share in the article below.

Adventure Games it has many fans because it has an interest and excitement towards its players.

And adventure games are also very fun because the storyline is interesting.

Playing games is a powerful way to fill spare time. With so many choices of games and advances in technology, it will certainly make it easier for us to find the various games we want.

Currently there are lots of newest and best light adventure games, which we can find on the app store on the play store.

Adventure games or themselves have quite a number of fans so understanding will provide some recommendations for adventure or adventure games that you may try.

List of the Most Exciting Best Offline Android Adventure Games

Offline Android Adventure Games

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Adventure Games Android-Machinarium

This adventure game created by Amanita Design provides a stunning experience. Although with simple graphics, the adventure storyline can make you addicted.

This game provides an adventure with a place on a planet filled with a lot of garbage.

In this same game, we have to solve a series of puzzles to move to the next level.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Who is not familiar with this Android adventure game. In the adventure game Assassin’s Creed Pirates, you will be a captain who leads a battle with other ships.

You will also travel the world for hidden treasures. With easy controls and stunning graphics.

Download the game right now below.

Broken Sword

Breaking Sword is one of the best android adventure game. This puzzle game requires this type of detective to find clues and solve various puzzles.

With pictures and scenes made with good cartoon animations. In addition, the games offered are also very good. You can also buy the Director Cut version for additional items to make the game even more exciting

Ghost Town Adventure

An adventure game that works without an internet connection tells the story where you have a mission to find the missing grandfather.

You will be brave and look for clues to find Grandpa. Besides, on the way to find Grandpa, we will also meet some ghosts.

You’ll also have to solve some puzzles to find the key. Where the key will be used to open another access.

Adventure Game Android-Gemini Rue

This Android-based adventure game without internet connection carries a science fiction theme by taking place on a planet called Barracus.

In this game, we will play as a former assassin named Odin. You will explore with a patient at a hospital called Delta Six.

You will be invited on an adventure with the support of an interesting plot and an atmosphere that makes you enjoy this game. Rue Gemini itself gets a lot of fans from Android users.

Another World

This game is an old game from 1990 which is now back on Android devices. In this game we will work as physics researchers.

One in this game accidentally transfers to another world

Another world will present a mystery that makes us think hard enough. Although the graphics are still a bit less modern, this game can be a recommendation to accompany our free time.

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Castle of Illusion

Illusion Castle is one of the games played by Disney developers. In this game, you will be taken to a castle full of challenges and obstacles.

Carrying an adventure theme by showing one of the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse who has a mission to save his lover, Minnie.

Wrapped with Backsound and interesting pictures make you feel at home playing this one game.

Adventure Game Android-Minecraft Pocket Edition

Who does not know this great game and love it very much. In this game, we can build or destroy houses as we wish, dig mines and breed animals.

There are many activities to do.

Apart from that this game is an open world game. So we can make our own story in this game at will.

Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is one of the most popular games. In this game, you will play as Leo who is a noble.

who fall into the poverty zone because their wealth is deprived. Here you will have an adventure to be able to find all the wealth back again.

Adventure Game Android-Day R Survival

Day R Survival is one of the most popular Android adventure games. In this game, we have to survive in a world destroyed after nuclear war.

In addition to survival, you will also get a mission to save your brother in this game.

This game can also be played online. Where we can exchange items etc with other players.

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So, those are some android adventure game applications that you choose and summarize in this article, you can use them when you are bored or as entertainment, thank you.

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