The Best And Safe Money Making Survey Application / Fund Balance 2021 – Maybe you just found out that you can earn money by filling out surveys. It turns out that there money making survey app what you can do is only using a smartphone device.

As is known, along with the development of technology, many money-making applications have sprung up. This makes it easier for you to earn money, even if only from home. One way is to fill out a research survey. Then the survey can be exchanged for money.

Indeed, at first filling out the survey is very tedious. This is because filling out surveys is tedious and challenging. But you will feel happy when you get the lure of money instead.

How, are you curious about the survey application? Therefore, see further explanation of the application below.

What is an Online Survey Application?

During the campaign season, surely you often hear about a survey. Then the purpose of the survey is to collect data through the experience of each individual from an area with a predetermined topic. Then collect the data by going to the house one by one and giving a form containing opinions as well as questions.

This kind of thing obviously takes a lot of time and effort. Even the data collected may not be maximally collected. So, this is called the Online Survey Application. Then the survey conducted online is widely used by providers on a site.

Then the form is usually about a company, technology, or a product of a particular company. Even interestingly, there is now a lot about Money Making Survey App. Regarding more clearly from the application, you see in more detail below.

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Money Making Survey App

For those of you who are still teenagers and have not worked or are still in school, you definitely want money. But you don’t know how to get money. You don’t need to worry, because there are lots of survey applications that can make a lot of money.

Well, you can see a number of these survey applications below. Thus, you can earn money from the application. Curious? Here are some of them:

1. YouGov

If you really need money, it’s time for you to install the YouGov application. There, you don’t just fill out surveys. But you can earn money from the application. In addition, the YouGov application is known as a legal and trusted site for giving money. You can earn money after filling out surveys.

Can give cash with minimum payout.

Various survey options.

Still often found bugs.

It was found that the survey case was given an error.


Then application Second Money Making Survey App from Indonesia, namely the JAKPAT application. After taking the online survey, you will receive the money. JAKPAT itself is an abbreviation of the Popular Consultation. The system of this application is to collect points after you fill out a survey.

Then these points can be exchanged for pulses, vouchers, and money. Even in this application, it is also supported by disbursement via e-wallet and local accounts.

Various survey options.

Frequent updates and updating the system.

The points earned per survey are too small.

3. Nusaresearch

Then there is Nusaresearch which is a survey application that is based on the latest and up-to-date issues. This app was developed by Macromill South East Asia. In fact, this application is known as a survey application that can pay users after filling out surveys on time.

Various survey options.

The interface is not boring.

Redemption of points takes too long.

There are bug complaints.

4. Survey Junkie

Then there is still Junkie Survey which is Money Making Survey App. This app is also famous for paying users on time after filling out surveys. In fact, this application presents various kinds of surveys which are always updated regularly.

Various survey options.

Pay on time.

Some accounts report no new surveys.

There are bug complaints.

5. The Panel Station

Finally, there is The Panel Station which is an application from the collaboration of researchers from 35 different countries. Even claims from users can reach 2 million. More interestingly, this application is also available in various languages. This makes it easier for you to do surveys using Indonesian.

  • Advantages of The Panel Station:

Various survey options.

  • Disadvantages of The Panel Station:

There are bug complaints, especially in the points section.

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The final word

That’s about Money Making Survey App which you can use. With this application, you can get income or money. Although not as much as when you work, but with this application you can collect money little by little. Hopefully this information is useful and good luck.