The Best FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity For All HP Brands – To be able to win the game easier and faster, you must prepare a strategy first. The use of weapons in a game has indeed become a very important role as a form of our protection from enemy attacks.

However, you also have to be able to arrange other ways to get the win. Especially if you play it with a team, and have to work together with each other.

Like the free fire game, maybe some people think that this game is very easy to beat. However, FF also has a high level of difficulty and is very difficult to win. What’s more if you don’t have other skills or preparations.

So the opportunity to get a booyah even more difficult. As a game player, it is important to pay attention to some small or big things to make the game easier later. Including the free fire game. As we have explained, weapons are mandatory things that you must have.

And another thing that is no less important is setting the sensitivity of the free fire on the smartphone you are using. The reason is, some types of cellphones already have their own sensi and DPI rules that have been determined to help you play the game later.

Among these types of phones are Samsung, Vivo, Realme, Xiaomi, Infinix, Asus, and many others. Please see the explanation as follows.

What is FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity

FF Auto Headshot sensitivity is one of the excellent features in the Free fire game. The reason is, this feature is useful for adjusting the aim movement in all weapons. The goal is to make it easy to use.

Because the high or low sensitivity greatly affects the movement of the midpoint (Crosshair) during the game. And pay attention to whether it’s getting faster or vice versa when you type the screen.

Usually, the default version itself has been set with the skills of beginners or newbies. However, if you have been playing the free fire game for too long and are already agile playing your fingers, then you should set the sensitivity of the FF auto headshot as desired.

In order to make it easier for you when playing the game later. In addition, this feature can be used by all types of cellphones. And to listen in more detail, please refer to the explanation as follows.

Best FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity 2022

Maybe you’ve seen some content creators or gaming Youtubers who are very expert when playing a game. And they are very easy to reach heroic rank quickly. And what’s even more interesting, they can use almost all cellphones well, especially when using Aim, avoiding enemies, fighting one on one and another.

Therefore, it is important for you to know what are the secrets to the success of these content creators? And if you want to know directly, please see the full explanation below.

FF Ruok’s Sensitivity

Who doesn’t know Ruok FF? Many people think that Ruok uses cheats to do headshots, and it has gone viral on social media, especially among ff players. But, when he did a live broadcast he proved that he didn’t use any kind of cheat application. If you want to try Sensi and DPI like Ruok, please change it as below.

Look Around91
Look Around65
Red Dot Sight60
2x Scope55
4x Scope40
AWM Scope40

FF Frontal Gaming Sensitivity

Not only having a Youtube channel, frontal gaming is also a member of AURA National Esports. So, you don’t need to doubt the quality anymore. A man with the full name Muhammad Fahri Husaini often gets Auto Headshots easily in every game. Therefore, you can try to adjust the sensitivity like him. Please check below.

Look Around100
Look Around50
Red Dot Sight91
2x Scope79
4x Scope57
AWM Scope8

FDW FF sensitivity

And you can also set the sensitivity of free fire like FDW. A Youtuber who was born in Jakarta with the real name Febrian Dwi Wicaksono who is a former professional team player and often wins at the National Level Tournament with his Guild, the Louvre.

FDW itself is well known for having the skill to aim at always being on target and never missing as a rusher in the team. If you want to be like FDW please set the sensitivity as follows.

Look Around20
Look Around55
Red Dot Sight60
2x Scope59
4x Scope44
AWM Scope

FF BNL sensitivity

Please note, live streamers also always provide various tips and tricks when using a shotgun in the free fire game. And this time they have shared the BNL sensi settings that you can try. And for those of you who are fans of the M1014 shotgun and want to be like BNL. Please set the Sensi and DPI below.

Look Around60
Look Around55
Red Dot Sight60
2x Scope40
4x Scope40
AWM Scope5

Samsung HP FF sensitivity

There are indeed a lot of Android users in Indonesia, and one of the brands of cellphones used is Samsung. In addition, there are also many FF players who use Samsung smartphones to play the free fire game. The reason is, there is the best FF sensitivity setting that you must try on the smartphone. You can listen to the review below.

Look Around65
Look Around55
Red Dot Sight67
2x Scope70
4c Scope45
AWM Scope50

Sensitivity FF HP Oppo

No need to worry, because Oppo users have also provided several sensitivity settings that you can try. Please set according to the text below.

Look Around95
Look Around38
Red Dot Sight90
2x Scope93
4x Scope91
AWM Scope38

Vivo HP FF Sensitivity

Good news for Vivo cellphone users, because you can also adjust FF sensitivity easily and quickly. So that you can more easily play free fire games. Please see more below.

Look Around89
Look Around45
Red Dot Sight85
2x Scope80
4x Scope25
AWM Scope45

FF sensitivity of realme phones

For realme type smartphone users, they can easily adjust some free fire sensitivities. And make the game even easier when played. Please see below.

Look Around95
Look Around60
Red Dot Sight82
2x Scope85
4x Scope84
AWM Scope60

FF sensitivity of Xiaomi cellphones

Of course, the xiaomi type cellphone can also adjust the sensitivity of free fire so that you can play the game agilely. Some of the sensi and DPI that you can try, please see below.

Look Around98
Look Around55
Red Dot Sight96
2x Scope86
4x Scope32
AWM Scope55

Asus HP FF sensitivity

We also don’t forget to share the Sensi and DPI Auto Headshot rules for Asus cellphones that you can try. Please check the table that we will share below.

Look Around85
Look Around62
Red Dot Sight87
2x Scope81
4x Scope89
AWM Scope62

FF HP Advan Sensitivity

Advan type mobile phone users, you can set some free fire sensitivities which we will provide below. And it can make it easier for you to play free fire games when doing headshots. Please check below.

Look Around99
Look Around53
Red Dot Sight92
2x Scope80
4x Scope84
AWM Scope53

HP Infinix FF sensitivity

Infinix users can also provide sensitivity in your free fire game to be able to get booyah faster and easier. Immediately, please check below.

Look Around97
Look Around55
Red Dot Sight94
2x Scope98
4x Scope99
AWM Scope45

How to Set Free Fire Auto Headshot Sensitivity

The next step, you can directly adjust the sensitivity of FF in auto headshot easily and quickly. So, please see some explanations as follows.

  1. First, please log in to your free fire game account
  2. In the lobby or during the match then click Settings which is next to the mini map
  3. Click Sensitivity
  4. And please set and provide a sensitivity number according to what we recommend
  5. Save and get a fun playing sensation
  6. Finished

Tips for Adapting to FF Sensitivity

It’s not an easy thing to be able to adjust the screen sensitivity level on your cellphone. Especially if the added value in it is very large. You can also find a variety of problems, for example the level of smoothness is very fast so you can’t see the presence of the enemy. Please find out more tips below.

  • Practice a lot
  • Setting the sensi in training mode
  • Play together
  • Changing the button arrangement
  • And others


That’s a brief explanation of the FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity that you can set yourself based on the type of phone you’re using. That way, you can be even more comfortable playing free fire games and most likely can get booyah faster. Hopefully what we say can be useful for all. That is all and thank you.