The Best Lightweight Laptop / PC Video Editing Software For Beginners – For those of you who are struggling in the world of video editing with PC devices, you definitely need this video editing software. Where you can use a lot of software that can be used, ranging from free to paid. The features and menus presented from these programs also vary, of course, it can be confusing if you want to choose one of them.

Video editing activities can be used for any purpose, for example, for keepsakes, capturing certain moments, even to make money by becoming content creators. Whatever the goal, the success of video editing cannot be separated from the software or program used.

Software functions to combine videos, edit by cutting videos, adding filters or certain effects and so on. Because the program is so important for the success of video editing to be interesting and worth watching, you really have to choose which one is the best.

Luckily, we are here to recommend the best video editing program that you can use. At least, you can try it first before making a choice. By considering features and usage, we got some of the best video editing software that deserves and deserves to be used.

Best PC Video Editing Software

Although currently you can edit videos with HP devices, both Android and iOS, it’s easier and faster if you use a PC device. That’s because the monitor screen is bigger and there is a mouse and keyboard to operate it. Therefore, many still use software as an application to edit PC videos. Want to know what are the best software that we managed to collect? Here are some of them!


Why did we put Filmora as the first recommendation? Of course not because of its easy use. Even though you are a beginner, you can still run this software. User interfaces such as layouts, laying out menus and giving titles to edited videos are placed in such a way as to facilitate video editing activities.

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software

No need to doubt the software made by Adobe, including for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro provides a variety of formats as a result of the edited video. You can choose the lowest format (Low) to the highest resolution, which is 8K.

There is a trial version for 7 days if you want to try their premium features. After that, you have to pay around 285,000 every month. Expensive? Of course! But worth the results you get.


Video editing software without a PC watermark is Lightworks, which is widely used for the production of famous films. You could say this one software is for professionals. But don’t worry, those of you who are still beginners or are in the process of learning are also still worth using it.

This is because the features contained in Lightworks are quite simple and easy to understand. There are two versions, namely paid and free, with different output results provided.

HitFilm Express, Free Video Editing Software

It looks premium, but you can use the free version available. HitFilm Express is the best software for both Windows and MAC OS. Its features are quite complete, for example to give slowmo effects, add visual effects, add soundtracks, etc.

Almost the same as other software, there are two versions that can be used, namely free and paid. The difference is in the features provided, if you want more complete, please upgrade to the premium version.

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is software that has been widely used by professionals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it, if you want and have the intention, you can download this video editing software and use it right away. But you have to prepare a sum of US $ 70 to be able to subscribe in the next year.

Lightweight PC Video Editing Software, Vimeo Create

If you want to use lightweight software for video editing, Vimeo Create is the answer. Web-based with an easy-to-understand user interface, you can directly upload video results to social media.

You don’t need to think about the template to use as the basis for editing, Vimeo already provides many templates that you can use for free. Interested? You must purchase and subscribe to Vimeo Pro, Premium or Business to get these features.


Video editing software on laptops can use VSDC, where there are quite complete features. You can merge two videos into one, add music as background, adjust video speed and much more.

There is a chart tool feature that you can use to create diagrams. So if you want to do a video presentation, VSDC is the best and easiest answer to use.


If you already understand the basics of video editing, Shotcut might be worth a try. User friendly display with almost all visible menu placements to facilitate the editing process. No need to ask what features are provided, because it is almost complete like other professional video editors.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Surely you are more familiar with Corel as a program or software for creating logos, right? It’s not wrong indeed, but there is also software released by Corel as a video editor that is worth trying. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is very suitable for beginners, especially if you have often used the CorelDraw application, where the menu placement is almost the same.


Each of the recommended software from Kai above certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. For that, it’s a good idea if you download video editing software and use it according to your needs and video editing purposes. Don’t just want to use software that is often used by pros, but you are confused about how to operate it!