The Best Wifi Internet Speed ​​Check and Cellular Data Application on the Latest Android This Year

Internet Speed ​​Check Application- Internet speed is sometimes one of your most active obstacles in using the Internet.

Slow internet can be a disincentive for many of your activities and work, but this time there is an app to check internet speed that can help you.

So, you can now easily identify your Internet speed through these many apps for Android. Just select an app to check your internet speed, download and start.

Well now we have recommendations for several applications. Here are some types of Internet Speed ​​Check Applications that can help determine the Internet speed used for your Android smartphone.

List of Internet Speed ​​Check Applications

How to Check Internet Speed

Speed ​​Test App

Application developed by Cheetah Mobile. Provides an application to check your Internet speed. This application is able to check the speed in real time.

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In this application, we can find out internet speed, download speed, download speed, and PING.

Internet Speed ​​Test App

This application provided by Yuhi Development, LLC is an internet speed check application that we can try.

By checking internet speed easily, we just need to download and install this application.

After the installation is complete, open the Internet Speed ​​Test application, then click Run and wait for the scan to complete. Once the process is complete, our internet speed count will be displayed.

Speedtest By Ookla

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Slightly different from the computer version. Speedtest is present on the Android system in the form of an application.

Of course we can check our internet speed by downloading the app. Once you have installed and opened the Speedtest app, click “Start Test” and wait for the verification process to complete.

Then we know our internet speed. Speedtest also displays real-time verification results.

Fast Speed ​​Test

Fast Speed ​​Test is an Internet Speed ​​Check Application on Android.

To check your internet speed, we just need to download this app and then install it.

Once you have finished installing the app, we just need to open the app. Then FAST Speed ​​will automatically check our internet speed.

V-SPEED Speed ​​Test Internet Application

V-SPEED Speed ​​as an Application to Check Internet Speed

As usual we just need to download and run it. Apart from checking your internet speed, V-SPEED speed test also provides a way to search for WiFi signals.

The V-SPEED Speed ​​??Test application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

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Those are some applications that you can use to check internet speed, both cellular data and wifi internet on your Android smartphone, choose the one that you think is easiest to use, hopefully useful, Thank you