The Combination of Build Khaleed Sick & Emblem 2022

Build Khaleed Hurt – Talking about the Mobile Legends game will certainly never end, because Moonton as a Mobile Legends developer always updates regularly and presents various events, releases new heroes, gets free skins and others.

As you know, this year’s most popular mobile game Mobile Legends still dominates. In the Mobile Legends game there are various heroes that can be played but in different placements such as Assassin, Fighter, MM, Mage, Support and Tank. Well for now there are many ML players looking for the sick Khaleed Build to be an offlaner.

Besides being known as the strongest Fighter role hero, Khaleed also has great damage when using the sick Khaleed build. This certainly makes many enemies feel scared, because Khaleed has also received a buff in the current patch.

Now for mobile gamers, especially Mobile Legends, who are looking for the sick Khaleed build, below, Ulingame has prepared recommendations for the deadliest Khaleed build in Land of Dawn.

About Khaleed Mobile Legends at a Glance

Khaleed Mobile Legends

Khaleed is one of the Fighter role heroes who has many advantages, one of which is being able to do the most damage. Khaleed can be used as Hyper, Gold and Explaner. Khaleed as the main role of Fighter, this hero has different abilities from other Fighter heroes, can do great damage and high resistance because he can Regen using skill 2.

That way, Khaleed is able to withstand all damage from the opponent during the Lategame phase. The cooldowns of all of Khaleed’s skills are quite fast, so they can easily paralyze all enemies. With so many Mobile Legends players who are looking for anything to build Khaleed hurts.

Khaleed . stats

mobile phone2778Where0
HP Regen7Where’s Regen0
Physical Attack109Magic Power0
Physical Defense23Magic Defense15
Attack Speed1.05Movement Speed250
Attack Speed100%

Build Khaleed Hurt

For players who can’t wait what are the best builds for Khaleed, here Ulingame has prepared some of the sickest combinations.

The Sick Khaleed Emblem

Khaleed Sick Fighter Emblem

Not only Build that you have to pay attention to, but you also have to use emblems to add higher hero status, different from the original stats. If you don’t use the Emblem, of course you can lose during the Earlygame, it’s difficult to war and others.

In order to maximize playing Khaleed, you have to wear the best and sickest Emblem below.

  1. Emblem Slots 1: Bravery Lv 3 (Physical Attack +12.00)
  2. Emblem Slots 2: Invasion Lv 3 (Physical PEN +6.00)
  3. Emblem: Festival of Blood Lv 1 (Spell Vamp increases by 8%. If you kill an opponent then Spell Vamp adds 1% to 12%)

Battle Spell Khaleed

Battle Spell Khaleed

But it’s also incomplete if Khaleed doesn’t use the Battle Spell. The Battle Spell really works in the Mobile Legends game. Well, this time Ulingame will recommend the 2 best Battle Spell options to use in Khaleed, namely Execute and Flicker.

Of course the 2 Battle Spell options have their respective uses. Flicker is very useful for escaping from enemy ganking or attacking enemies when the enemy’s HP is dying.

However, the function of Execute is to reduce the opponent’s HP by 1 box, but most players use Execute to Kill Steal or better known as the term KS.

The final word

This is complete information about the sick Khaleed Build along with the selection of the Ulingame version of the Emblem and Battle Spell. Hopefully the above summary can help gamers who are having trouble finding the worst build when using Khaleed and to make it easier for win streak players.