The DANA application cannot be opened, here are the causes and how to fix it!

The DANA application is one of the netizens’ favorite digital wallet applications because it provides services and convenience for users to receive and transfer money. Transactions made at DANA are also guaranteed to be safe because they have a transaction code pin, as well as face verification. Plus innovative features make this application user more comfortable and fall in love.

You can also see from some reviews about this application where it provides various attractive offers such as discounts and vouchers, besides that DANA also provides 10 free interbank transfers per month so users can freely transfer and send money to different accounts.

This application also provides cash withdrawal features 3 times for free through selected merchants such as Alfamart, Pegadaian and Lawson. You can also make cash withdrawals through BCA ATMs, but you will be charged an administration fee of approximately 4500 rupiah per transaction. Behind the interesting features, users sometimes complain about the problem of the fund application not being able to open.

For that, we will provide a clear and detailed summary of the reasons why the fund application error and cannot be opened and how to solve it. This obstacle has several factors that must be identified by users so that they can understand the right solution in order to be able to use the DANA application again.

Cause the DANA Application Can’t Be Opened

DANA application cannot be opened

Are you having problems with the fund application that cannot be opened and has errors? Actually, there are several reasons why suddenly your fund application on your cellphone cannot be opened or accessed. The key is not to panic when this problem occurs because we will provide several possible causes:

1. App Cache Piles

Cache is often the main cause of applications that can’t be opened or errors because this cache is practically trash that puts a burden on phones and applications. Sometimes users often forget to clear the cache periodically, causing the phone to become heavier and of course disrupting the performance of the applications in it, especially online-based applications such as DANA.

2. Unsafe Internet Connection

The DANA application is a digital wallet application that has fairly tight security so that it is very sensitive to connections and internet networks that are detected to be unsafe. There is a possibility that your application cannot be opened because of this, especially for those of you who often activate risky VPN features.

3. Root Phone

Did you know that rooting your phone or device will make it difficult for your device to access some applications that have strict security. This is indeed rare, but for those of you who have bought a used phone, of course you have to be careful, who knows your phone has been rooted by the previous owner.

4. Using Clone Apps

Previously it was mentioned that applications that have fairly tight security will be difficult to operate on modified phones or modified applications such as cloned applications. Cloning applications are usually used to create other accounts on one phone at the same time, so if you clone the DANA application, don’t be surprised if the application cannot be opened or used.

5. Moderate System Errors and Disturbances

If you don’t find a problem from the user’s side, then there is a possibility that the application cannot be opened because the system is currently experiencing errors and disturbances. You can confirm this with the customer service or call center to ask if the fund application system is having trouble or not.

How to Overcome the DANA application that cannot be opened

After knowing some of the reasons why your fund application has an error and cannot be opened on your cellphone, you can follow the solutions we have summarized below to overcome these problems so that you can use this application again smoothly, here’s the review!

  • Clear the cache on the phone periodically by opening the settings menu then clicking the application then selecting the DANA application, then selecting storage and clicking clear cache
  • In addition, you can also clean and delete the DANA application data to re-login and refresh data usage in the application
  • You can turn off data temporarily if the network is detected to be unsafe then you can also change the phone to airplane mode then wait for a while before turning it off
  • Restart the phone to clear background activity so that your DANA app can be used again
  • Don’t forget to make sure you update the latest version of your DANA application so that it runs smoothly
  • Don’t use clone apps or duplicate apps
  • Avoid buying phones that have been rooted by previous users, the way is to see the specifications of the phone in the settings menu or you can ask previous users
  • You can try opening the Dana application on another cellphone such as your friend’s or family’s phone to see if the problem is with your cellphone or the application system.

The final word

That’s all the information that we can convey about the causes and how to solve the DANA application that cannot be opened. We hope this article can help you to be able to use the DANA application smoothly again. Stay tuned for information from our site and share if this is useful for others!