The Dominance of Cases in the UK, Researchers Call Omicron Stealth 60 Percent More Contagious than the Original – Omicron’s dominance in the UK has been overtaken by a more diffuse subvariance. These mutations are often known as stealth omicrons.

Known as BA.2, the strain spreads about 30 to 60 percent faster than the original omicron (BA.1). Dr Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA), said they now know that BA.2 has an increasing rate of growth that can be seen in all regions of the UK.

“We have also learned that BA.2 has a slightly higher secondary attack rate than BA.1 in households. “While hospitalizations and deaths remain low, cases are still high in some areas and some age groups so it’s important that we continue to act with caution as restrictions are lifted.”

Corona virus illustration.  (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)
Corona virus illustration. (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)

Several studies have shown that both omicron strains are milder than the Delta strain, which came before it. A person infected with the omicron variant is less likely to be hospitalized.

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It is therefore not considered a threat to the UK’s recovery from Covid. But there will be more variants in the future, which can be annoying.

The best way to protect yourself from Covid-19 is to get a booster vaccine, with two doses that are considered no longer effective.

Faster deployment

A new risk assessment published by the UK’s Health and Safety Agency today says “BA.2 is now dominant in the UK”.

The growth advantage – the ability of the variant to grow in case numbers compared to other strains – was “significant” and “now seen in many countries”.

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The data show that people are more likely to spread BA.2 to other household members than BA.1. It is very likely that a person is infected with BA.2 even if you previously had the BA.1 type of omicron.