The Illusion Bogor 2022 Entrance Ticket Price, Address & Photo

The Illusion Bogor is the biggest & most unique mini indoor studio in Bogor with the concept of 3D-art, trick eye, trick art & upside down world in one location.

Entrance The Illusion Bogor
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Opening hours:09.00 – 17.00.
Entrance ticket:Rp. 35,000 – IDR 70,000/per person.
Telephone number:0882-1994-2168
Activity:Take a photo in a unique photo installation in the mini indoor studio.
Best time:12.00 – 16.00 WIB.
Need to Bring:HP / Camera, tripod, monopod.
Prohibition:It is forbidden to bring food and damage the photo installation.
Address:The Jungle Mall, Jl. Tirta Nirwana Raya No.119, RT.05/RW.12, Mulyaharja, Kec. Bogor Sel., Bogor City, West Java, postal code 16135
Public facilities:Installation of photos, guides, and toilets.
Access Road:Well
Shop:None (The food stall is outside The Illusion location but still inside the Mall location)
Online Maps:View Maps

Besides Jogja, Bali and Bandung, Bogor is a paradise for local tourists. In this rainy city there are many tourist destinations ranging from nature, culinary to contemporary.

For photography enthusiasts, there is one highly recommended place to visit when on vacation in Bogor. His name is The Illusion Bogor.

Trick Art The Illusion Bogor
Upside Down House
Upside Down House
Trick Eye Illusion
Upside Down World The Illusion Bogor
Upside Down World

Preview at a glance

The Illusion Bogor is the newest and biggest tourist attraction in Bogor which carries a unique and fresh concept. This photography tour is designed to be a mini indoor studio with around 55 photo spots.

Unmitigated, the 55 photo spots are a combination of the concept of trick eye photos, 3D-art, upside down and trick art. Located at The Jungle Waterpark Bogor, this place is a unique alternative for selfie lovers.

Photo Spot

There are about 55 unique photo spots with various themes that can be used as a vehicle for taking pictures. In fact, there is an upside-down house ride like in The Upside Down Jogja with a fresher and more diverse theme.

  • The Arena Giant and Dwarf photo spot where you can take pictures with giants. In this spot, you can also create the illusion as if visitors turn into dwarfs to become giants.
  • Mirror Illusion Effect photo spots where the illusion photos created are very unique. In this arena there are also installations that make it look as if the visitor’s body is cut off.
  • The Upside Down World Arena is a spot that offers room installations that seem to be upside down. There are many themes available in this arena such as kitchen, sailor’s room, living room, bed to toilet.
  • The rooms in each installation are also arranged very neatly as if alive and will produce photos that look like they are upside down. Very fun for sure!
  • A trick eye photo spot that can fool visitors. How not, a number of installations are made as if they are real, for example, paintings of abyss, tigers and dragons, etc.
  • The Best Trick Art and 3D Trick Art photo spots can make visitors confused and can’t wait to take pictures. For example, the installation of the Hulk, Dolphin Ride, Beach, and Sit Drift.

You don’t need to be photogenic to get good photos that look very real. Just need the right angle when taking photos in various installations.

When you enter the studio area, you don’t have to worry about exploring all the photo spots. There will be a guide who guides visitors and shows which spots are the coolest and most favorite.

In addition, the guides can also be asked for help to take photos with the right angle. So, the photos obtained will also be maximized.


In addition to installations and amazing art world photo spots, in this tourist destination there is a guide who will guide visitors to take pictures. There are also toilet facilities and a hotel which is not far from the selfie tourist location.

Ticket price

HTM The Illusion Bogor is quite suitable for the excitement and uniqueness that is obtained. The entry price can be seen in the following table.

Regular Ticket (Weekdays/Weekdays)

IDR 60,000/person

Entrance Ticket Holiday/Weekend

IDR 70.000/person

Student Ticket Prices

IDR 35,000/person

Ticket prices with Jabodetabek ID cards

IDR 50,000/person

Ramayana Member Card Promo Price

Buy 2 Tickets Free 1 Ticket

Don’t forget to often update info about this selfie tourist spot, because there are always exciting promos in it. Wouldn’t it be fun if you visited this cool tour with a more affordable ticket.


This selfie tour is located in the Bogor Nirwana Resident area, Mulyaharja, South Bogor. In fact, The Illusion is in the same location as Jungle Waterpark and Devoyage Bogor.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your photos to continue your vacation at the two attractions. Or you can also visit The Jungle Fest and Little Venice Kota Bunga which are also not far from the location.

Opening hours

This selfie tour in Bogor is open every day from Monday to Sunday with details of opening hours as follows.

Weekdays (Weekdays)

09.00 – 17.00 WIB

Holidays and Weekends (Weekends)

09.00 – 19.00 WIB

It should be anticipated that the opening hours of this tour could be delayed by 15 minutes to 30 minutes due to technical installation purposes. On weekends, this area will be very crowded with visitors from 12.00 to 16.00.

So, it’s best to come on weekdays or not during peak hours as above. That way, you can more freely take pictures in all photo installations.

Q & A about The Illusion Bogor

Add your information about this attraction by seeing how the comments of users who have visited there are.


The Illusion Bogor offers the sensation of taking pictures with extraordinary works in 3D-Art, Trick Eye, and Trick Art installations. This tour is very suitable as an alternative vacation for photography and selfie fans.

Don’t forget to take photos with the best angles and share the fun of the holidays at The Illusion on social media. It will be even more exciting if you visit here with friends or loved ones.