The Latest and Trusted Money Receipt Application 2022

Receipt to Money Application – In the current development of payments in Indonesia, they have followed the current developments, the article is that the payment system is rarely used using paper money.

In the past, payments were made by barter system, then payments developed into gold exchange, but what happened in the field actually became a weakness in this gold payment system, so the gold payment system was opened into a payment system for paper money and coins.

Centuries of payment using the money method as a means to pay for goods and legal exchanges but the development of the age of fairy payments became invisible and payments are now moved to a balance system or an online system.

Maybe some of the money that doesn’t know this payment method they will be afraid because they don’t hold real evidence of money but we can already exchange goods with the online money that we have, many online money support applications have been created such as funds, links, OVO and etc.

But did we know that there are other payment methods using the method usually used in payments in supermarkets, namely receipts. Actually, this payment method is very similar to buying a ticket and then using the ticket for a purpose, so this method is used as an experiment to become a medium of exchange in various other exchanges.

Can Purchase Receipts Be Money?

Receipts are now not using paper or tickets which are usually used in regular payment payments, now receipts are online and we just need to show proof that we have paid by showing proof of screenshots or proof of payment and then the barcode code will be checked so that the payment is confirmed to be complete.

In this article, we will discuss application applications that for payment are similar to receipt payments, here are some receipt applications that are the choice of netizens and get perfect stars so that we don’t have to worry about installing the application, instead of getting curious, let’s see the discussion below.

2 Application Receipts for Money

Receipt to Money Application

This time we will both discuss an application that uses a receipt and then we can turn it into money, this application is very profitable for us, especially being able to withdraw and transfer money very easily. This application has usually been disseminated by developers to make it easier for netizens to use this application. extensively.

The application that we provide has received an official license from Google and is even now a very unlucky application and is used by a lot of people so that we don’t need to hesitate in installing and using the application. But keep in mind that this application must use our KTP verification or what is commonly called KYC to clarify our account and our account can work properly.

Here are applications that use the receipt payment method and become money that can make it easier for us:

1. Shop Back Promo

This application makes it easy for us to be a means of payment in large online shopping applications such as Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia and others. This application is very similar to the online wallet application but for payment using a receipt.

It’s even more advantageous that we often get cashback by using this application payment, we can find shop Back Promos installed on the Playstore and App Stores on our respective cellphones.

2. Snapcart Rewards

This application is considered unique and very profitable for netizens because we transact using this application and then we take the receipt and proof of payment so that we can get rewards by uploading photos of proof of payment in this application.

Nearly 4 million users use this application for transactions because it is considered quite profitable and not complicated. This application is very safe and highly recommended for us netizens to transact through e-commerce, we can install this application on the Google Play Store and App Store on each of our devices.

These 2 recommended applications are one of the leading applications and have a high enough rating so we don’t have to worry about using them.

The final word

That’s the discussion about Receipt to Money Application that we can convey, hopefully this article can be useful, look forward to our next update for interesting articles on our site.