The Latest Apps to Edit & Remove Photo Backgrounds on Android of the Year

Apps to Edit & Remove Photo Background on Android ? Taking selfies or taking pictures using the front camera may be a common thing and many people do.

This behavior has often been carried out by most people of various ages, both young and adult, and what we most often encounter is teenagers who take selfies wherever and whenever they are.

Nowadays selfies are not just for taking pictures of the face, because nowadays many people use selfies to take pictures of the whole.

But everyone is competing to edit photos so that the results look cooler or more trending or negative.

They want to be trending because someone who is trending or present is usually highly respected in cyberspace.

Therefore, there are many cool applications that can help you to edit photos to make them look cool and attractive.

And also many styles that we can use to edit photos to make them look more cool and interesting to upload on social media.

And we can also change the background and also give effects such as makeup, and much more.

And at this time there are also many applications that have sprung up that have very interesting features like the Photoshop application on PC.

Well, if you want to find an editing application that is easy to use, you can use some of our recommendations below.

The Best and Free Photo Background Editing App

Application to Edit Photo Background

For this time we will provide several choices of applications that are suitable for those of you who want to change the photo background but through your Android phone. Please refer to some application recommendations.

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1. Touch Retouch

This application was developed by ADVA Soft, very suitable for those of you who want to edit photos to make it more fun to use this application.

When you want to edit a photo to change the background or remove objects in the photo.

This application works optimally without leaving the slightest trace so the results are very visible and also very cool. Not only that in this application there are also pretty good features.

Some of the features that you can find in this application are undo and redo, where you can cancel or restore.

You don’t have to worry if in the editing process you suddenly click wrong or something else please stay on undo/just redo.

2. Background Erase

This application was developed by HandyCloset Inc, this application can remove the background and objects easily and also with good results with its blue and red marker features making it easy for users to use this application.

You can delete and edit the background very easily instantly and quickly.

You can also change the background or a more interesting background according to your wishes.

Not only that the background or object that has been removed using the pen feature will be transparent making it easier to insert the background bag.

3. PicsArt

The application is indeed a photo editing application that is no longer in doubt for the quality and features it provides.

It has been shown by the number of active users to reach more than 250 million users who use this application.

PicsArt also has many very interesting features and many unique tools that you can use and enjoy to beautify and beautify your photos to make them look cooler.

Not only that, there is also a feature to draw on photos. You can use a brush that can be used to draw objects and write objects.

4. StickIt

This Android application is a good application in your opinion, because it can not only change the background, it can also add effects so that photos look cooler and add stickers so that photos look more attractive, of course.

Not only that, the features in this application also have more. You can add text so that your photos look more attractive and creative.

How to use this application is also very easy, you just need to follow the curve of the object that will be changed in the background after being cut, then paste the background you want.

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5. Cut Paste Photos

This application was developed by Dexati, if interpreted in Indonesian you should be able to see and understand that this application is used to keep cropping photos.

This application can be used to cut various shapes of objects including cutting objects in the form of humans, inanimate objects, animals and whatever it is according to your taste.

Not only that, you can also cut someone’s face and then replace it with your face or the term in the editing world is a swipe.

Besides being able to cut and paste photos, this application also provides effects services so that your photos look more attractive, cooler, and also more beautiful.

6. AThumb Cut

This app is developed by AThumb Inc. This application has features similar to Photoshop for PC so that it adds to the appeal of this one application.

A similar feature is called the Magnetic Lasso tool, this feature has the same use as for cutting, but the difference is that you can use this feature easily.

Another feature is that you can make photos that rotate in 3D, you can also create a blur effect, enlarge your eyes to make them look more attractive. And you can make your body slim, very complete isn’t it.

7. PhotoLayers

This application was created and developed by handyCloset Inc. For the performance of this application, you can work quickly and easily, not only the results are very neat.

With this application, your photos will look cooler, funnier, unique, interesting, and similar to professional edits.

Not only that you can also combine multiple photos and up to 11 photos, you can combine at the same time at the same time you can create beautiful montages.

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That’s our article about Applications for Editing & Removing Photo Backgrounds on Android, hopefully it can help you edit & delete photo backgrounds on Android.

See you in the next article. Thank you