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For game lovers, of course, a computer with high specifications is inevitable. Well, one aspect that is very influential on computer performance is the processor. Then is there currently? cheap gaming processor?

Cheap Gaming Processor

Of course, there are processors at low prices that are able to meet the gaming needs of users. Then anything cheap gaming processor recommended, just refer to the explanation below.

The first recommendation came from AMD, namely: Ryzen 3 3100. This one processor is the right option for those who want to assemble a computer without the need to add External GPU. Even without an external GPU, aka a VGA card, it is guaranteed that the performance presented will not disappoint.

One of the flagship products from AMD has 8 Treads and 4 Cores. Whereas for L3 cachehas capacity 16 MB, L2 as big as 2 MBand L1 capacity 256KB. For those who like performance overclockingRyzen 3 3100 is capable of providing clock speeds of up to 3.9 GHz.

Still a product from AMD, this AMD Ryzen 3 3200G comes with 4 Threads and 4 Cores. For the clock speed, this one processor can reach a number of 4.0 GHz. As for the normal speed, the clock from the Ryzen 3 3200G runs at numbers 3.6 GHz.

When viewed from the performance of a single core model, you could say that this processor is not the best in its class. However, the Ryzen 3 3200G is equipped with iGPU that is Radeon Vega 8 Graphics which is quite good. With this, rather heavy activities such as editing can be fulfilled.

If previously there was a processor from AMD, now there is an Intel Core i3 4160. This is the 4th generation that still uses a core with a size of 22 nanometers. For gaming needs, system 2 Core 4 Threads that is in this processor can handle it.

Maybe this Intel Core i3 4160 can be an alternative option for those who are looking to build a low budget gaming PC. According to the current computer market, the price of the Core i3 4160 series has decreased drastically compared to some time ago.

Just like before, this Intel Core i3 3220 still uses fabrication with a size 22 nanometers. Yes, the processor is included in a product that has been released for a long time, and now the production process is no longer carried out, aka discontinued.

One of the processors present in Intel’s 3rd generation has a 2 Cores and 4 Threads. The normal speed provided by this processor is in the numbers 3.30 GHz. If you want to increase its performance, then it can be combined with the use of GPU GTX 1050 Ti.

Well, now switching to Intel’s k-5 generation, namely the Core i5 3470, which can be used as an alternative if the Intel Core i3 4160 can no longer be found. Actually the difference between Core i5 3470 and Core i3 4160 is not very significant.

Intel Core i5 3470 itself brings 4 Cores as well as 4 Treads capable of delivering speeds of up to 3.20 GHz. For its fabrication, this processor is also still using the size model 22 nanometers. However, unfortunately the power required is quite large, namely 77 watts.

If you look at the little information above, it can be concluded that gaming computers don’t have to use expensive processors. with one cheap gaming processor As previously mentioned, a gaming PC can already be realized.