The Latest Open World Games on Android and iOS 2022 The Most Exciting & Newest Cool This Year

When you hear the word open world game, what comes to your mind? Do you know what open world games mean?

Maybe for those who don’t like playing games, it’s very strange to hear, but for you real gamers, of course you already know what open world games are, right?

Open world games are games designed so that players are given the freedom to choose to complete missions or not.

When you don’t choose to complete the mission then you can roam freely in this game. Because this game takes a long time to complete a mission.

List of Best and Very Fun Open World Games on Android

Open World Games on Android

For those of you who like challenges, then try playing this Open World game. Because it’s so interesting to play.

So what are some Open World games on Android that we can play? Here we have summarized some Open World games that are quite popular and really make you addicted to play them again.

Curious what are the seven best games? Please see the explanation below.

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1. Godus

Godus is one of the unique and interesting Open World games for you to play. In this game you will play God.

Wow, very interesting isn’t it? Here you will manage and see your people and over time for cultural development.

Initially, you will play by noting that society is still primitive and not yet modern where it still uses traditional tools.

And along with the journey of civilization will continue to develop in this game depending on how you play it.

2. Crashlands

This Open World game presents a unique and interesting story, Crashlands presents a concept in 2016 where you will be thrown everywhere and it is difficult to return.

And there, players must be able to survive from making all the equipment they need to make a place to live.

In addition, you will also be given the task of eradicating bad people in the area. You are also required to follow certain missions or quests to survive there.

How? Are you interested in trying this one game? If so, then just download Crashlands here.

3. Minecraft

Like the Godus game that we described above, this Minecraft game also requires players to develop an era.

From when you live in a cave until you own a castle and live in it. In this game, you are also required to make equipment and hunt to survive.

Here you can explore the forest to simply look for food, wood, and tools or materials that you can use as tools to survive.

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4. Goat Simulator Series

Goat Series is a game brought by the developer Coffee Stain Studio.

In this Open World game, there is no unique storyline, but this game is interesting enough to play to get rid of the boredom and fatigue that you feel.

In this game you don’t play the role of a human, but you will become a goat or a goat.

5. Terraria

Terraria can be said to be a game similar to Minecraft. But the difference between these two games, namely Terraria, depends on 2D graphics when you play it.

However, the game concept of Terraria is similar to Minecraft, where you will spend time playing to build houses, equipment for survival and other necessities.

6. The Escapists

For this Open World game, the gameplay is quite interesting, because the players act as prisoners and have to find a way to be free.

You are also required to make equipment that will help you get out of prison.

However, don’t be confused and worried, because here the players will also be given a way? ways or instructions for escaping from prison.

Players can choose how to free themselves by digging holes, stealing guard uniforms or pretending to be engineers.

But you don’t just think about how to escape, because you also need to pay attention to the rules in prison.

7. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

GTA or Grand Theft Auto, of course you are already familiar with this one game, because now it has been present as one of the best games on Android. In this game you will be played as a gangster.

You have to carry out the missions of the bosses and ignore all the police rules. Like being a fugitive and being a criminal gangster.

Like the GTA game on PC, you can also take vehicles and hold people. And it’s very free.

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End of Words

Thus our article about Game-Open-World on the Latest Android 2022, hopefully it can help you in choosing a satisfying game on Android.

See you in our next article, Thank you