The location of Tanggedu Waterfall, Sumba, a tour for those who have guts

Tanggedu Sumba Waterfall 1

The location of Tanggedu Waterfall, Sumba, a tour for those who have guts

Tanggedu Waterfall
Photo by @nezziskandar
Activity:Take pictures, bathe, and enjoy the natural surroundings.
Opening hours:08:00-17:00 WITA
Ticket price:Free
Address:Ndapayami, Kanatang, East Sumba Regency, Nusa Tenggara Tim.
Google Maps Map:Tanggedu Waterfall Sumba

Attention !!! This place is only for those of you who have the guts

East Nusa Tenggara is like a natural tourist source for eastern Indonesia, because nature has provided many interesting spots to visit, one of which is Tanggedu Waterfall. Tanggudu Waterfall is located in the village of Ndapayami which is 46 km from downtown Waingapu.

Why is this place only suitable for those of you who have a traveler’s soul? because to take this location requires a lot of struggle, ranging from money, energy to time. Because the location is not only far away, transportation costs are also quite expensive, moreover vehicles can only stop at the village before entering the tourist location.

Approximately a distance of about 3 km, tourists have to walk along the exotic savanna, only to get to the Tanggudu waterfall. However, the long journey will be paid off when it arrives at the location.

The location is like America’s grand canyon, but here there is a waterfall and it’s mini. Even so, this place is still very exotic and natural, there is no manager who takes care of this tourist spot. So don’t expect there are stalls selling food here, let alone stalls, there are no toilets yet. So it is highly recommended that you immediately bring a swimsuit if you want to enjoy the fresh water at this Tanggedu waterfall tourist spot.

Tanggedu Waterfall Sumba