The Meaning Behind the Color of Road Signs

Jakarta, IDN Times – When driving on highways or toll roads, you must have seen signposts or road signs with different basic colors.

It turns out that the goal is not just to vary the color of the signs, but the purpose of each basic color of road signs is different, you know.

1. The most common color of signs found on toll roads

The Meaning Behind the Color of Road Signs

On toll roads, there are at least three colors of road signs that are most often seen, because they are usually quite large in size and are often used as a guide for directions by drivers.

The first is a blue-based sign that has a command meaning, often functions as a guide to toll road boundaries, area boundaries, speed limits, traffic control signs, as a sign for turning around, until a sign to cross the road must pass. zebra crossing.

Then there are signs with a green base. Usually this green sign is used to provide information on the direction of a particular road or location. Then there is another brown sign, actually similar to a green sign, but locations colored in brown are usually tourist sites or public spaces.

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2. Three other colors of traffic signs

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The Meaning Behind the Color of Road

In addition to the three colors of signs, there are three other colors of signs that are often seen on highways or toll roads. Namely red, yellow, and also white.

The red color indicates that the sign contains prohibitions, such as no turning back, no stopping, no parking, and other restrictions. As for the yellow color, the goal is to give a warning about possible dangers ahead, such as sharp turns or steep descents.

The last one is white, you may rarely notice that there are white signs. This sign becomes the final sign of the prohibition, for example there is a maximum or minimum speed ban or other restrictions that have been stated by one or more prohibition signs.

3. Don’t misread the signs

The Meaning Behind the Color of Road

After knowing that there are six road signs with different colors, you have to be more careful and don’t misinterpret them.

Because if you misinterpret the road signs, you could have bad luck. For example, breaking the speed limit on the toll road and ending up being ticketed by the police, or something else.

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