The Ministry of Health Reveals 252 Cases of the Siluman Omicron Variant Has Been Detected in Indonesia, What Are the Dangers? – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) confirmed that currently the BA.2 variant, a derivative of the Omicron variant, which is often called the stealth Omicron, has been detected in Indonesia. In fact, the number of cases has already reached more than 250!

According to a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, through special PCR or S-gene target failure (SGTF) and whole genome sequence (WGS) methods, 252 cases of stealth Omicron have been found.

“Regarding the BA.2 variant, in fact we have detected this variant. If we look at the number of BA.2 variants that can now be detected, there are around 252 BA.2 variants,” said Nadia during a press conference, Tuesday (1/3/2022). ).

Nadia also confirmed that BA.2 or stealth Omicron is more infectious than the previous Omicron variant BA.1, and it is feared that it could trigger more severe disease symptoms.

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Illustration of the Covid-19 virus (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)
Illustration of the Covid-19 virus (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

But at this time, the number in the world including Indonesia is still dominated by Omicron BA.1.

“But from the existing pattern, not only in Indonesia but in the world, 90 percent of Omicron is dominated by BA.1. Of course, our vigilance is back,” said Nadia.

Furthermore, Nadia said, because the handling of Covid-19 is catching up with various new variants that have emerged, the best solution is to continue to improve 3T, namely testing, tracing, and treatment.

Plus 3M health protocols, wearing masks, washing hands, and reducing mobility are still needed. Finally, Indonesia’s Covid-19 vaccination has also not met the target of at least 70 percent of the total population.

“The key is the acceleration of both booster and primary vaccinations, which we must complete as soon as possible,” concluded Nadia.

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