The Ministry of Health Uses Artificial Intelligence to Detect TB, How Does It Work? – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a large-scale TB or TB (tuberculosis) screening program.

Told the Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (P2PM) of the Ministry of Health, Dr. drh. Didik Budijanto, that this AI screening tool is in the form of an X-Ray of the lungs, which is shaped like a prayer rug or carpet.

TB is a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lungs. This condition is sometimes called pulmonary TB.

Tuberculosis bacteria that attack the lungs cause respiratory problems, such as chronic cough and shortness of breath.

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Illustration of tuberculosis bacterial infection. [Shuttertsock]
Illustration of tuberculosis bacterial infection. [Shuttertsock]

“By using X-Ray tools such as prayer mats, efforts are being made to procure these tools this year,” said Dr. Educate in a discussion from the Ministry of Health to commemorate World Tuberculosis Day 2022, Tuesday (22/3/2022).

To imagine this X-Ray tool, it is almost similar to the X-Ray tool with artificial intelligence technology, which was seconded by FUJIFILM Indonesia for the University of Indonesia Hospital (RSUI) some time ago.

AI technology in X-Ray works by studying what is photographed or data received when analyzing the human body, especially the lungs.

For example, this X-Ray with FDR Nano, only through this X-ray can quickly detect various kinds of lung disorders such as TB infection in the patient’s body.

So that from what was previously just a black and white x-ray, with artificial intelligence the X-Ray tool will immediately display various colors of lung abnormalities, so that medical personnel can diagnose it more easily.

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Interestingly, this X-ray device with artificial intelligence can be used by patients in various positions, including lying down at once because it is thin like a carpet or prayer rug that the patient can sleep on.