The Mystery Story in Rawa Pening that Makes Goosebumps

What tourist destinations do you visit when you visit Semarang? Lawang Sewu and Kota Tua are certainly one of the favorites of tourists, including you.

However, for those of you who go through the Semarang-Solo and Ungaran-Bawen toll roads, try stopping by Rawa Pening. Rawa Pening is a natural lake with a backdrop of Mount Merbabu, Telomoyo, and Ungaran.

Moreover, there are many additional facilities to attract tourists. Behind its beauty, it turns out that Rawa Pening holds a number of mystery stories that make goosebumps.

What kind of mystery story is believed by the local people of Rawa Pening? Come on, see the full story below!

1. Baru Klinting, the legendary snake figure

5 Mystery Stories in Rawa Pening Tourism, The Atmosphere Makes Goosebumpsgiant snake illustration (

Baru Klinting is a snake figure associated with the formation of Rawa Dizziness. The story has several different versions, one of which is well-known in the community, namely Baru Klinting, the son of Endang Sawitri. A woman from Ngasem Village.

His form is indeed a snake, but can talk like a human. One day, Baru Klinting asked where his father was. His father was named Ki Hajar Salokantara, a king who was imprisoned on the slopes of Mount Telomoyo.

It was only when Klinting managed to meet his father, unfortunately, that he was not taken for granted. He had to circle Mount Telomoyo and meditate for a year to get recognition.

During the imprisonment, his whereabouts were discovered by the villagers of Pathok. They need food to give alms to the earth. Then cut Baru Klinting who was still in the form of a snake.

As a result, Baru Klinting transformed into a skinny and ugly boy. The villagers of Pathok chased him away. He stuck a stick and made a contest for the villagers. However, no one was able to pull it out, except himself.

After the sticks were removed, rushing water flowed and slowly drowned the village. Then, Rawa Dizziness is formed which you can now find.

2. The sound of gamelan is believed to be a bad omen

5 Mystery Stories in Rawa Pening Tourism, The Atmosphere Makes Goosebumpsa set of gamelan (Doc. Personal/Fatma Roisatin)

After the figure of a demon snake named Baru Klinting, another story is the sound of a mysterious gamelan. The sound is similar when there is a puppet show or celebration. In fact, there were no celebrations or performances there.

It is said that the sound of the gamelan is a natural sign of the death toll in Rawa Pening. If the sound is heard at night, then tomorrow afternoon there will be casualties.

Vice versa, if the sound is heard during the day, it means that at night someone will die. The fatalities referred to are those who died, accidents, or drowned.

In fact, it is associated with a story about a bus accident around the Tuntang Bridge. None of the passengers or crew of the bus survived the crash.

3. Become a place for the kingdom of spirits

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5 Mystery Stories in Rawa Pening Tourism, The Atmosphere Makes Goosebumpsillustration of the kingdom of supernatural beings (

Still related to the accident that occurred around Rawa Pening. Local people also believe in the existence of three kingdoms of spirits. Two of them are located around the bridge and one is right in Rawa Pening.

The 2,670 hectare lake is close to three large bridges. First, the main bridge on Jalan Raya Solo-Semarang.

Well, one of these magical kingdoms is located between the main bridge and the railroad bridge (the second bridge). Meanwhile, another magical kingdom, located between the main bridge and the dam. Another magical kingdom, located in Rawa Pening.

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4. The sighting of a life-killing supernatural grandfather

5 Mystery Stories in Rawa Pening Tourism, The Atmosphere Makes Goosebumpsillustration of ghost in Rawa Pening (

Another figure who is believed to be a resident of Rawa Pening, is a supernatural grandfather. Several tragic stories are shrouded in the presence of the grandfather figure.

One of the most famous stories is that of a group of children playing around the lake. Then, an old man came to them to look for shells. Like excited children, they entered the lake.

Their eyesight had been deceived, the lake was clear and shallow. Unfortunately, they plunged themselves into a fairly deep part. Realizing they were in danger, they screamed for help.

Unfortunately, one in five children are not saved. Surprisingly, the victim died with his hands stiff as if tied behind his back.

5. The place of tapa kungkum king of Java

5 Mystery Stories in Rawa Pening Tourism, The Atmosphere Makes GoosebumpsRawa Pening (Private Doc./Fatma Roisatin)

The mystery story in Rawa Pening is not always related to bad events. This lake is believed to be a place to do tapa kungkum by the King of Java.

This is done to gain authority, glory, happiness, and prosperity. Tapa kungkum means holding back lust or meditation and bathing. There is also a series of asceticism on Mount Telomoyo and Mount Merbabu.

Raden Patah was one of the earliest Javanese kings to perform kungkum asceticism in Rawa Pening. He did so after being crowned the King of the Demak Bintoro Sultanate. The ritual is carried out from generation to generation.

Well, now you know the mystery behind the charm of Rawa Pening, right? The story is a special attraction for tourists. Until now, the local community also continues to preserve their culture.

The Rawa Alms tradition, known as Larungan, has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia. The community around Rawa Pening performs this ritual every 21 Muharram by throwing tumpeng rice and offerings into the middle of the lake.

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